Hamilton Local School District Kicks Off the School Year to Make a Difference!

Hamilton Local School District is located in southern Franklin County, Ohio consisting of about 3,200 students from PK-12. Origo worked with Hamilton Schools to start their school year by developing a convocation video. Looking to always inspire students and teachers, the theme for the whole year was “Make a Difference”; spearheading a movement to not only enhance the classroom experience, but implementing a culture of giving back to the community.

We had the opportunity to interview students and teachers, obtaining footage on the culture, experience, and achievements of the Hamilton classroom environment. Using various functionalities like motion graphics animation, infographic development, messaging, and data analysis, the convocation video turned out to be a great success, emphasizing the importance of teacher/student relationships and improving achievement through interactive learning.

At Origo we cherish the opportunity to use our expertise to impact the community we live in! It is our pleasure to highlight the outstanding individuals that work everyday to make our community a better place.

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Origo Helps JEGS High Performance Launch New Brand Standards


JEGS High Performance is one of the largest mail-order automotive performance equipment companies in the world. Since JEGS was founded in 1960, they have set the bar in their industry, selling performance parts, aftermarket accessories, tools, and automotive clothing. Origo Branding Company worked with key stakeholders and compiled a brand audit to fully understand what JEGS is all about, with the objective to create a new brand standards guide – essentially a manual for their entire brand voice and communication strategy.


5 key components for optimum brand performance.

The brand of a company is a vital element of communication, representing not only what it does, but also what a company stands for. Before creating a brand manual, it was essential for Origo to understand the culture and values of JEGS: Family. Business. Racing. These three ideals, when brought together, comprise the core of the JEGS philosophy. We found that JEGS employees are not only crazy for cars, but are rooted on family values and business expertise.

After intensive research and analysis, the JEGS brand standards were created, which gave way to the creation of new guidelines outlined in a manual along with Brand Strategy, Brand Voice (messaging, tagline, tone), Brand Visuals (logo lockups, color palette, spacing), Brand Execution (applications, touchpoints, layouts), and the definitive JEGS Brand Identity. Guided by the manual, JEGS employees, vendors, and key stakeholders can now fully visualize and effectively communicate everything that makes their brand truly unique in a cohesive and powerful execution.


Drag Racing Door Car Brand Application.


To get inspired and keep your creative engines revved, see more of our branding work in our portfolio section.

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Origo’s Bad Witch Bash 2013 Was a Hit!

Thank you to our clients, neighbors, and friends for joining us in a spooky night full of badness! The witches and wizards of Origo Branding Company put together a sinful bash for our annual Halloween party, inspired by black-and-white horror films and classic witches from the past. We could not be happier about bringing our closest friends together!


 Bad Witch Bash boasted many guests looking for a wicked evening!

Intern, Gabriele Galli and guest enjoying a night of madness.

Striking poses, ladies tapped into their inner witches.

Merciless cocktails all around!

The proud and excited Origo family! 


Thank you again to all of our guests for attending another successful Halloween bash. Until next year!

And if you haven’t yet, check out our spooky promo video!

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28 Years of Creativity and Success!

This week is a milestone for our agency marking 28 years of great memories and fantastic creative work. It also just so happens that this week, upon entering our latest project for our newest client, we’ve reached project #5000 — we are thrilled! It’s almost surreal to imagine that at one point in 1985 (before project management software), we were entering 0001 to mark our first project ever. With such a remarkable moment in our history, we can’t help but look back at the many years of inspiration, friends, clients, and achievements.

It was 1980 when Tommaso Ciaffoncini, Founder and Creative Director of Origo, moved from Italy to the United States to work in the field of design and communications. After working as the Creative Director at other major agencies, it wasn’t long before he wanted to start a new agency founded on his guiding principle:

“Authenticity is the best investment any brand can make.”

Beginning in 1985 with his wife and business partner Diana Ciaffoncini, Tommaso took Origo into the international arena, becoming a strategic player for many Fortune 500 companies, advancing their market placement and creating compelling strategies for major pharmaceutical, retail, and educational companies such as Abbott Nutrition, Elmer’s, Victoria’s Secret, the Columbus Metropolitan Library, and many more.

Origo is continuously inspired by our founding principles as we work to help clients find their competitive edge. Whether designing for the digital frontier or crafting emotional brand stories, we look forward to countless more years making business — and the world — a little more interesting.

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Origo Branding Company is Hiring!

Origo Branding Company is a leading creative agency in Columbus, Ohio. Starting our firm 28 years ago, we have experienced exceptional growth in recent years. For this reason, we are looking to fill a new Art Director position— someone who can take on a diverse set of touchpoints and manage a team of talented creatives.


  • Experience: 5+ years of industry experience as a creative team leader.
  • Project Management: Ability to manage a team of creatives with a variety of different projects/clients.
  • Conceptual Strategy: Deliver conceptual directions for different campaigns and strategies in a diverse set of industries.
  • Production: Oversee the production process, procuring and guiding the process with external vendors.
  • Presentation & Client Communication: Ability to deliver ideas with powerful presentation skills.
  • Academics (minimum): A Bachelors in some field of Design, Advertising, Marketing, or Communications.
  • Culture: Uphold the brand culture, voice, and professionalism Origo promotes to all of its clients and partners.

Please send all resumes and digital portfolios to solutions@origobranding.com, and one of our representatives will contact you shortly. Please no calls.

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Origo Hosts AAF Columbus AdFun Happy Hour


Glasses are branded with “Tap Into Creativity” theme.

AAF Columbus has been one of the leading American Advertising Federation chapters since it was founded in 1953. We at Origo were proud to host August AdFun Happy Hour, “Tap Into Creativity,” at our downtown office.

Creative Professionals gathered for AdFun Happy Hour on August 22, 2013.

Our creative industry peers stopped by to socialize and unwind with local craft brews from Four String Brewing, accompanied by tasty hors d’oeuvres and great music. While much of the crowd gathered around the beer tap to fill their party-branded pint glasses, some tested their competitive skills in a friendly office Corn Hole tournament. Overall, August AdFun was a great opportunity to mingle with fellow professionals in a joyful, relaxed atmosphere.

A friendly game of cornhole.

We were happy for the opportunity to gather up the Columbus creative community in our space, and we want to give a big thanks to AAF and to everyone who turned out. Small talk can lead to big ideas — we hope everyone who came left with a spark of inspiration!

Guests took home their own pint glasses and a hint of creative inspiration.

Four String Brewery provided Origo with premium beer and an element of originality.

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AAF Columbus AdFun Happy Hour at Origo Branding Company: Tap Into Creativity

AAF Columbus members and friends, come out to Origo Branding Company for our August AdFun Happy Hour! Drinks, snacks, and games! 

Origo will be serving up local craft brews from Four String Brewing along with great food to help you tap into your creativity. So come get inspired and spend a fantastic evening with your industry peers and the folks at Origo Branding Company.

Thursday, August 22nd, 5:30PM – 7:30PM

Origo Branding Company

149 N. High Street

Columbus, Oh 43215



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Origo’s Process for Touchscreen Technology

With over 28 years of strong relationships and powerful results, Origo Branding Company continues to offer exceptional creative strategies for the different marketing and digital initiatives of our clients’ brands.

One of the most engaging and interactive services we provide is our conference booth strategy and interactive touchscreen technologies. Recently, Origo designed and developed a 2-tiered touchscreen module for Abbott’s oncology nutrition initiative, promoting their portfolio of cancer-focused products at the Oncology Nurses Society Annual Meeting— an annual event that brings together approximately 4,000 experts and clinicians from the field of cancer care.

Of the two modules created, the first program was an educational touchscreen branded as, “Let’s Talk Nutrition!” We created a hero character, Nurse Nutrition, who drove the message that its “always the right time to have a conversation about nutrition with your patients.” Watch demonstration above for greater insight.

To create a successful module, our creative team launched into our step-by-step strategic process for touchscreen technology and mobile app development, helping create an engaging and exciting experience for the user:

  1. Research: Start by researching Abbott’s marketing materials and other research to create an impactful storyboard and user experience.
  2. Storyboard & Messaging: From the storyboard, we create a digital architecture for an educational module designed to help nurses learn about addressing the 85% of patients who are malnourished and achieve better Oncology outcomes.
  3. Graphics and Illustrations: Create engaging visuals and animations, motivating users with a strong call-to-action, and exploring different ways we could communicate charts, graphs, and statistics.
  4. Animation & Flash Programming: Create innovative graphic build-outs and animation utilizing Flash animation, as well as leveraging touchscreen technology to make the screens interactive by the tip of your finger.

Outside of the educational objectives, Abbott Nutrition wanted a fun way for nurses to learn about the power of nutrition. To fulfill this strategy, we challenged meeting attendees to test their knowledge with a special quiz module. Featuring 10 questions, the participant with the highest score was presented with a special prize— creating a friendly, competitive edge for attendees and their colleagues.

Along with the engaging branded approach and interactive user experiences, the conference was considered a great success for Abbott Nutrition’s oncology brand team as they solidified a leadership role in the field of Oncology.

See more touchscreen technology from Origo Branding Company in our Ensure® touchscreen module demonstration featured here.

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Origo Launches New Brand for Ohio Advanced Energy Economy

When you think of “Advanced Energy,” subjects such as wind turbines and hybrid cars probably come to mind. The truth is, it goes much deeper than that. Advanced energy encompasses all the technologies, products, and services that make energy more secure, clean, and affordable, and Ohio Advanced Energy Economy is the one coalition bringing them all together.


To help drive engagement and awareness for their brand, Ohio Advanced Energy Economy asked Origo to develop a new brand strategy to not only reintroduce their mission to their audience, but also engage new membership and support from various stakeholders across the nation— helping advance initiatives and companies that create progressive and intelligent energy solutions.

Branded collateral system.

Origo created a new branding strategy for Ohio AEE, designing their new logo and tagline, along with communication materials and touchpoints that show the organization’s commitment to energy innovation.


Web masthead created by Origo.

The look and feel accomplishes just that, all while capturing the feeling of unity that is the core of a coalition. The updated look and messaging has done wonders to increase interest in Ohio AEE, and with this new brand strategy, they will continue to expand their mission of awareness and growth in the advanced energy industry.

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Origo Helps Abbott Nutrition Launch the Alliance to Advance Patient Nutrition

Origo has a great history working with healthcare organizations, including long-time partner, Abbott Nutrition, and its line of superior nutrition products such as Ensure®, Similac®, and Glucerna®. Recognizing an opportunity to elevate the role of nutrition in the hospital, Abbott joined forces with four of our nation’s leading health organizations to raise awareness about the burden of malnutrition and how clinicians can improve outcomes through collaboration. Uniting with the American Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, the Society of Hospital Medicine, and the Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses, they formed the Alliance to Advance Patient Nutrition.

Educational Module #1 (of six featured on malnutrition.com)

Recognizing the Alliance’s goal to improve patient outcomes through nutrition, Origo designed a new brand strategy with launch materials that call out pressing statistics about malnutrition in the hospital setting, such as “1 in 3 patients who enter the hospital are malnourished upon admission”. (see some of the materials below)


Our tagline – “Improving Patient Outcomes, Together.”- reflects one of the organization’s main objectives of promoting an interdisciplinary approach between administrators, dietitians, nurses, and physicians when addressing their patients’ nutritional needs before, during, and after their hospital stay— all with the main goal to transform patient outcomes through nutrition. The Alliance Nutrition Care Model (crafted by the leading clinicians of each organization) emphasizes the positive impact that nutrition intervention can have on patients’ medical outcomes, offering a six-step protocol to address patients’ nutrition needs at every stage of their hospital visit. (see the online Nutrition Care Model below)


The brand was also implemented across an effective set of tools and strategies to help hospital care teams advocate for effective nutrition practices within their institutions. Strategies ranged from online downloadable one-pagers, to informational video modules and interactive touchscreen quizzes featured at national conventions, actively engaging the audience with the story on malnutrition. (see our different strategies below)

Digital mockup of convention booth to be present at four major healthcare conferences across the nation.

Touchscreen modules for clinicians to learn about the Alliance through digital sales aids and quizzes to test your knowledge on malnutrition.

Promotional giveaways at the Alliance conference booth.

Print and digital advertisements to be placed in different industry publications focused on health and wellness.

Launched in June of 2013, the response has been extremely positive as more clinicians across the country are engaging in the Alliance story, building awareness toward the hidden burden of malnutrition and improving patient outcomes through a collaborative approach to care.

Visit malnutrition.com to learn more about the Alliance to Advance Patient Nutrition, and help lead the charge against malnutrition.


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