Oct 14, 2009

Helping out the community has always been our most rewarding work, especially when we have the opportunity to touch others’ lives directly. Last week, Origo Branding company was pleased to have the opportunity to help the downtown Columbus community get a little healthier, a little happier and a little tastier. Origo Vice President, Diana Ciaffoncini, spends her Fridays volunteering at Dress for Success, a nonprofit organization that assists disadvantaged women with ongoing support as they successfully transition into the workforce. Throughout her time there, she noticed the women who had just made their transition into the workplace were eating-out exclusively, a very expensive and unhealthy way to start a new life. Diana decided to battle this emerging problem and create a solution for her friends and clients.

With a big heart and an even bigger pantry, Diana took her knowledge and experience in the kitchen, and compiled some of her favorite recipes into a short cooking handbook titled Slow Down & Cook. With dishes like Hawaiian Porkchops and Fabulous Fish, Diana shares some delicious (and affordable) recipes with the intentions of having fun while you cook. With these goals in mind, Origo Branding Company was thrilled to layout and construct this little cookbook with big food ideas. It was great fun for everyone, and a few of the guys in the office were hoping there would be a few leftover books for their neglected kitchen counters at home.

Presented last Saturday at the latest DFS meeting, Diana presented the books and was greeted with great reception. The women celebrated Diana’s positive methods of affordable, fun ways to eat healthier, as well as cheered for the delicious cheesecake Diana provided. Check out more great client work.