Nov 13, 2009

Halloween this year, like every year, was a blast. We loved seeing everyone’s great costumes and wicked cool make-up. There were definitely a few highlights from the web and around town. Even everyone at the office had a great costume idea. Most notably was Senior Art Director Anthony Mosca dressing up as Eddie Munster. We’ll let the photo of him speak for itself.

This year was especially fun for costumes. We saw a lot of people breaking away from the typical Vampire or Zombie and really going for nostalgic childhood or classic movie characters. Designer Ryan Brinkerhoff pulled out a relic of an old WB cartoon character, Freakazoid. Not familiar? The cartoon was only on for two seasons. Here’s a link to the intro as a refresher. Marketing Manager Alessandro Ciaffoncini put a twist on Elvis and Designer Chris Barr went as a dance crew or workers’ comp victims, depending on how you view the bloodied painters suits.

By far the most notable and popular costume from the web was Pixel Girl. That’s right winning over the hearts of designers everywhere, this girl dressed up in attire that gave the impression she was zoomed in so far she was pixelated. This actual transforming Bumble Bee, from Transformers, costume is amazing. Another notable was the Comedian from this year’s release of The Watchmen.

Thank you all for your wonderful costumes this year. We look forward to seeing more next year.