Feb 11, 2010

At Origo, we spend our time generating compelling creative strategies and solutions for our clients, mixing our artistic intuition with our business savvy to help client after client connect and stand out from their competitors. But what does our creative team do when the day is done and it is time to go home? Simply put, they rock out more creative.

A perfect example is President and Creative Director, Tommaso Ciaffoncini, who just launched his online fine arts portfolio. His new site, creatively titled www.tommasociaffoncini.com, features about a decade of paintings, drawings, and artistic expression. Taking us to his roots of Urbino, Italy (birthplace of famous renaissance artist, Raffaello Sanzio) to his extensive background in design and fine arts, Tommaso shows his passion for the arts and expression.

Tommaso has produced works in different mediums, from watercolor to wood to oil, but has moved expressly toward working with oils. And although, much of his work has been figurative, he finds power and a flow driving him in his abstract pieces.

Always showing great leadership to his creative team, Tommaso is a perfect example that here at Origo, creative goes beyond the “9 to 5” job.

Visit www.tommasociaffoncini.com, and tell us what you think!