Apr 20, 2010

With a throwback to the Tommaso Inc. days, Origo will be featured in the next issue of LogoLounge Volume 6 showing last year’s Halloween promotional logo.

Celebrating the Halloween spirit, the Origo promotional campaign showed off our great skill and expertise in the area of illustration and typographic design. We held a Halloween party for our clients and friends, making it one of the most fun holidays of the year. Some of the work included environmental banners, postcards, mailers, and posters for our guests. And no, we didn’t forget to throw in some of Halloween’s most valued treats for the party guests!

Inspired by vintage Halloween masks, these cards paired fun illustration with interesting typography to create a complete Halloween campaign. The cards were mailed out as a package to invite clients to the Origo Halloween party, creating quite the buzz among friends and client— overall creating one spooky success!

For those who don’t know LogoLounge— it is a forum in which designers and branding shops of the highest standard showcase their portfolio of logo designs. Each year, logos are voted upon by a panel of judges and few are selected to be featured in their annual publication.

LogoLounge Volume 6 is to hit bookstores and design shops February, 2011. Until then, feel free to check out some of our other cool promotions.