Jun 17, 2010

We love launching each issue of NextSpace because we always learn something new and useful about the latest innovations not only affecting the modern library, but our everyday lives.

In Issue #15 of NextSpace: Metadata Everywhere our partners at OCLC (the Online Computer Library Center) focuses on data, and data-about-data. What we learn is about Metadata, and how it is used to track materials, assess needs, compare collections, inform research, manage workflows, plan budgets and even make friends.

As our partners at OCLC states:

“…it puts libraries, and catalogers, right in the middle of a revolution in how we think about representing and describing information. And the more partners we can involve in these processes, the more chances libraries have to add value up and down a variety of data supply chains.”

Origo worked to successfully represent these concepts through showing tangible products and their connection to the network of information that has been installed into our everyday lives. Now with 1.9 billion items online, it is apparent why NextSpace and OCLC are one of the most leading information providers around the world.

Read the whole issue here: NextSpace Issue #15: Metadata Everywhere, or check out more of our creative publication work.