Oct 06, 2010

It was only a year ago this month that we made the big brand change to Origo Branding Company—after 24 thrilling, successful years.

Looking back, I can’t believe how successful and exciting this past year has been. I’ll admit, the first few months were a little rough when I was no longer able to refer to our company as “Tommaso Inc.”, but then, our new brand really took charge.

With Origo, we were able to express our process-driven mindset, campaign-driven initiatives, and expanded capabilities to take on any brand challenge. Everyday, we promote this kind of importance of branding to our clients, and stress its relevance in connecting with their ever-changing audience and industry needs.

So did it work for us? Hell yes.

I have never, in my many years in the industry, seen so much excitement and growth in such a short period of time. We developed sales strategies, built our interactive and digital department, drove integrated marketing and advertising campaigns, and grew our capabilities in motion graphics, television, and interior design. Topped with great new “agencies of record” and award-winning work, this year has been a branding success.

I want to thank all our clients, partners, and team for making this year such a fun, exciting, and electric time as we look forward to all the new adventures to come.

So what does the future hold for Origo? You can count on our brand to continue to grow, fulfilling our promise of staying effective and relevant in an ever-changing world.