Nov 04, 2010

In this issue of OCLC’s publication of NextSpace, Editor and Managing Editor, Tom Storey and Andy Havens, identify the changing roles of consumers and creators of the publication industry, and asks the question— what does it means for libraries?

From newspapers to popular magazines to scholarly journals to e-books to print- on-demand “vending” machines, publishing is more complicated than it once was. Publishers are blending their print business with new digital brands, adding a new level of engagement. The article shows how individuals, companies, schools and businesses have already learned to evolve with new technology, and explains practices for libraries to stay relevant in this new world of interactivity.

To represent this concept, Origo shows a world of publication in the form of applications, airwaves, and information at your fingertips. As seen on the cover, a hand is utilizing a “publication” icon in a touchscreen format, opening a flurry of information. This shows the new forms of technology that the publication industry has taken, and the easy of accessibility to information in the modern world.

When reading the article, I couldn’t believe the similarities our industries have in common. When it comes to advertising, customers are looking for a different kind of connection and interactivity. What used to be an age where advertising was all about getting more exposure than your competitor, is now more about how you can engage your customer better than the next brand. Starting a conversation through social media, mobile applications, or online widgets is the new strategy. A strategy that allows your consumers to not only witness your brand story, but become a part of your brand story.

So check out the latest issue of NextSpace, “The Future of Publication”, and ask the question: “where do my consumers fit into my brand’s story?”