May 05, 2011

Having evolved from Tommaso, Inc. to Origo Branding Company a year and a half ago, we realized that our evolution went beyond a mere change of name. We honed in our process, strengthened and diversified our capabilities, and developed a drastically new perspective. As our company evolved, so did the way we presented it to the world. New this month, we are launching our new brand and new website.

What’s new in the brand? Evolving from the previous nebula, our logo is now represented as a “burst” to highlight the culture and philosophy of our company. Projecting outward, we feel this logo shows the evolution we strive for in each of our client strategies. Pulsating with energy, we show our strength and power— always working to come up with new compelling solutions.

Along with a new brand, we needed a better representation of our capabilities. That’s why we’re proud to unveil our revamped website. Reflecting our vibrant and dynamic nature through the deliberate usage of an expanded color palette, this second take on the Origo world showcases a wide-range of new features and functionality:

  • New Demo Reel: Want to learn more about Origo’s expanded capabilities and proven experience? Check out our 2-minute demo reel showcasing some of our recent work.
  • Areas of Expertise: Notice that our new site architecture showcases our focus on five areas of expertise: Healthcare, Education, Retail, Financial, and Community.
  • New Videos: One of our main capabilities we have developed in recent years is our portfolio of motion graphics and videos. Check out “our videos” section under “our reel.”
  • Our Services: Want to see if we got what it takes? Check out our 4 areas of services: Branding, Advertising, Marketing, and Interactive.
  • Promotions: Fun Origo promotions featured under “our work.” Be sure to check out the cool skateboards.
  • Same Awesome Blog: Check out industry news, happenings around Origo, and exciting stuff in the neighborhood on our “still-awesome” blog.
  • Social Media: Linking directly to our main navigation, check out the “latest tweets” on our homepage.

With so much cool stuff going on every day here at Origo, it’s hard to keep up. So take a moment, browse through the site, and let us know what you think!