May 18, 2011

Here at Origo we get excited about innovations that make connecting people to brands more effective. We also like when technology makes that connection process more efficient and user-friendly.

Introduced in 2003, WordPress has become the number one Open Source self-hosting blogging tool. However, it has evolved from its roots as a blogging software to a versatile content management system that can be used by both small startups and Fortune 500 companies alike.

Having the ability to accept plug-ins and unlimited themes, WordPress is highly customizable and allows for Origo to implement interactive strategies that will drive traffic to any of our clients’ websites. Easily updating content is one of the key advantages that makes WordPress so appealing to non-programmers. This enables clients to have almost total control of their site updates without having to rely on the agency for every single change.

Once we create the framework and apply styles to a website, the intuitive interface allows clients to insert text and images with great ease. There is an initial learning curve, but with a little instruction, a new user will be able to update their site content easily.

Giving our clients the independence to make updates as they see fit gives them a deserved sense of ownership to the project. Origo believes that this is important in building client relationships and fostering give-and-take between client and agency.

See how easy the backend interface works below, and hey, check out our site— it was created in WordPress!