Jul 06, 2011

Located in the heart of Downtown Columbus, we love working in such an urban area. Whether its businesses, people, or overall atmosphere, it’s hard to not find something inspiring about our surrounding environment. Which is why we make it a point to be a part of our City’s development and social organizations that help push our community forward.

Recently, Origo helped rebrand the Downtown Residents’ Association of Columbus (DRAC) by creating a a modern identity that reflects the personalities and lifestyles of its members. As a membership organization, DRAC connects people through social events and volunteer opportunities that promote the Downtown Columbus community, they inform their business and resident members of the latest issues and developments within the city. Overall, DRAC advocates the issues that help improve the quality of life in our city’s center and helps their members “Be Social. Be Informed. Be Heard.”

In order to increase the size of the association, Origo incorporated a membership brochure to align with their new brand initiatives. Designed toward prospective members, Origo helped utilize a renewed and modernized image to help increase its membership base and promote the benefits of downtown living.

Come check out the next meeting the 3rd Wednesday of every month, and learn about different leaders, business, and developments within the Downtown Columbus area.

And coming soon, Origo is excited to help launch one of Columbus’ newest upcoming riverside developments, the Scioto Mile’s, website.