Jun 21, 2012

Recently the Online Computer Library Center (OCLC) introduced WorldShare™, an innovative Web-based platform that allows libraries to share resources seamlessly, creating greater integration between libraries across the world.

Information sharing is key for any industry, and this collaborative innovation is definitely elemental for marketing and communications.

Origo used this milestone issue as an opportunity to flex our layout muscles. We were very excited to make a few updates, re-order some major sections, and maximize the impact of this colorful publication. Because of our evolved layout, issue 19 has turned out to be our favorite to date.

  • Updated Layout Grid: A more consistent and flexible 4-column grid that adds structure and improves legibility.
  • Full Spread for President’s Report: As Jay Jordan, President and CEO of OCLC, prepares to retire in June, we wanted to dedicate an entire spread to ensure his message was delivered with the greatest impact.
  • Introduction of WorldShare™: With the launch of this new platform, issue 19 served as a vehicle to deliver the great news to OCLC members.
  • Vibrant Color Palette: As with other NextSpace issues, we wanted to keep the layouts interesting by incorporating vibrant colors. This issue’s color palette follows this objective while maintaining consistency throughout the various articles.

With yet another great issue of NextSpace coming to libraries near you, Origo is excited to once again be a part of a process that engages and connects people worldwide through shared information. Download this issue here and learn all about WorldShare and OCLC’s new initiatives!