Jul 19, 2012

Origo is proud to welcome our new Assistant Account Manager, Sarah Greene! Working alongside Accounts, Sarah’s main role will be to assist our clients’ needs and strategy. And with a strong background in the arts, nonprofit, and agency world, we are looking forward to engage her exciting mix of creativity, experience, and management skills to the Origo team.

We love her friendly and open approach, and are learning new things about her everyday! To help you get to know Sarah, here are just a few interesting gems:

  • Hometown: Beavercreek, Ohio (about 15 minutes east of Dayton)
  • Interests: I love exploring and urban adventures. When I came to Columbus, I immediately took to the streets on foot to get a feel for the city.
  • Inspirations: I feel personally and professionally inspired whenever I meet a kind stranger.
  • How would you describe your design style (few words)? Simplicity with a twist – I love aesthetic surprises.
  • Best job you’ve ever had: I’ve had some internships that I loved. Working with the Short North Business Association and OSU Urban Arts Space gave me a real appreciation for art and creativity.
  • Worst job you’ve ever had: I worked at a certain popular ice cream franchise when I was in high school. I was surprised by how rudely some people treat food service workers.
  • Favorite movie/genre: I love movies in all genres, but my default is usually comedy. I’m also a big fan of Quentin Tarantino and Christopher Nolan movies.
  • Favorite music/genre: I just love music, plain and simple.
  • Dislikes/pet peeves: Poor grammar and incorrect word usage.
  • Something interesting about yourself (quirky/fun): I love costumes. Halloween is probably my favorite holiday.

Halloween? Urban adventures? Aesthetic surprises? It sounds like she Sarah will fit in just fine! Come by and meet her, as well as follow Sarah’s many adventures at @SarahAnne_G.