Jul 30, 2012

We at Origo love to show our creative chops, and as the dog days approach, we hope our Summer Flavors promotion ignites new ideas for months to come. At a time of year when people gather for good food and good company, we’ve decided to celebrate the season with a nod to some of our favorite things.

We had a blast creating the this new package promotion, utilizing a retro illustration style that perfectly captures the essence of backyard barbecues, block parties and bonfires. Two hot and smoky sauces complement each other for the perfect mix of savor and spice.

Check out the stylish package, signed, sealed and delivered with a personal message from the Origo team. We think our friends – old and new – will enjoy the tasty mix of summertime flavors that reflects our attentive branding process: seasoned to perfection and carefully crafted for just the right amount of kick!