Oct 25, 2012

Elliott Cennamo is Origo’s new motion graphics designer and animator! Recently working with Origo in a number of capacities, Elliott’s past collaborations with the Origo team have included those with MediGold, Battelle For Kids, Abbott Nutrition and Elmer’s, to name a few. (Take a look at our Vimeo page for a more complete list.)

His unique skill set will surely be instrumental in expanding our agency’s capabilities, allowing us to offer more solutions for all of our clients’ marketing objectives.

Join us in getting to know Elliott a little better! Here are some quick facts:

  • Hometown: Austin, Texas! Through way of Indiana, southeast Ohio, Virginia and Tennessee. Usually I just say “Appalachia”, since that’s where I grew up.
  • Interests: Food, current events, design, making things. Art, culture. I like to build stuff and use big power tools.
  • Inspirations: There are a ton of great motion studios out there doing beautiful work. It’s hard not to get inspired by some of the old masters, of course, but I like drawing inspiration from some of the images evoked by good literature the most.
  • How would you describe your design style (few words)? Pretty minimalist. One or two well-selected colors or typefaces can make a strong enough statement on their own.
  • Best job you’ve ever had: Spontaneous volunteer bartender.
  • Worst job you’ve ever had: One summer it was my job to repair all of the desks and chairs at a 60,000 sqft computer lab. It was so big you could see the curve of the earth when you looked out over it. And it was filthy.
  • Favorite movie/genre: I’m notoriously picky about movies. Some sort of intellectual commentary I usually like. Contact, Thank You For Smoking, or Ratatouille are old favorites.
  • Favorite music/genre: When I’m working on something, something urban and instrumental like Explosions in the Sky or RJD2. When I’m driving or doing something that doesn’t require intense concentration, NPR.
  • Something interesting about yourself (quirky/fun): I absolutely love southern cooking. One of my absolutely favorite creative releases is to cook up something with way too much gravy. If it gives me an excuse to buy pecans, even better!

Ratatouille is always a good pick. And as for southern cooking, we’re sold! We certainly look forward to working with Elliott in the future, and encourage our friends and partners to stop by and say ‘hello’ on their next Origo visit.

Follow Elliott’s many creative musings on Twitter: @DigitalElliott