Aug 09, 2013

With over 28 years of strong relationships and powerful results, Origo Branding Company continues to offer exceptional creative strategies for the different marketing and digital initiatives of our clients’ brands.

One of the most engaging and interactive services we provide is our conference booth strategy and interactive touchscreen technologies. Recently, Origo designed and developed a 2-tiered touchscreen module for Abbott’s oncology nutrition initiative, promoting their portfolio of cancer-focused products at the Oncology Nurses Society Annual Meeting— an annual event that brings together approximately 4,000 experts and clinicians from the field of cancer care.

Of the two modules created, the first program was an educational touchscreen branded as, “Let’s Talk Nutrition!” We created a hero character, Nurse Nutrition, who drove the message that its “always the right time to have a conversation about nutrition with your patients.” Watch demonstration above for greater insight.

To create a successful module, our creative team launched into our step-by-step strategic process for touchscreen technology and mobile app development, helping create an engaging and exciting experience for the user:

  1. Research: Start by researching Abbott’s marketing materials and other research to create an impactful storyboard and user experience.
  2. Storyboard & Messaging: From the storyboard, we create a digital architecture for an educational module designed to help nurses learn about addressing the 85% of patients who are malnourished and achieve better Oncology outcomes.
  3. Graphics and Illustrations: Create engaging visuals and animations, motivating users with a strong call-to-action, and exploring different ways we could communicate charts, graphs, and statistics.
  4. Animation & Flash Programming: Create innovative graphic build-outs and animation utilizing Flash animation, as well as leveraging touchscreen technology to make the screens interactive by the tip of your finger.

Outside of the educational objectives, Abbott Nutrition wanted a fun way for nurses to learn about the power of nutrition. To fulfill this strategy, we challenged meeting attendees to test their knowledge with a special quiz module. Featuring 10 questions, the participant with the highest score was presented with a special prize— creating a friendly, competitive edge for attendees and their colleagues.

Along with the engaging branded approach and interactive user experiences, the conference was considered a great success for Abbott Nutrition’s oncology brand team as they solidified a leadership role in the field of Oncology.

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