Jul 23, 2014

Origo’s latest collaboration with the Online Computer Library Center (OCLC) introduced a new topic to our team: Massive Open Online Courses, or “MOOCs,” as they’re commonly known in the online information community. MOOCs are open courses that can serve as pathways between users and a world of knowledge, making new information attainable to anyone with access to the Internet. We were excited to work with OCLC to feature this new idea of information sharing in their latest issue of NextSpace. MOOCs speak not only to the advancement of public knowledge, but the advancement of communication at large.

Origo took this latest issue of NextSpace as an opportunity to create a powerful layout that speaks to OCLC’s creative goals as well as emphasize the importance of MOOCs. Some notable objectives we executed include:

  • Full spread for 200WorldShare Management Libraries Live: We dedicated a whole spread to the celebration of 200 libraries going live with WMS while also speaking to the results that libraries have seen because of their adoption of the system.
  • Updated Layout Grid: A more consistent and flexible 4-column grid that adds structure and improves legibility.
  • Vibrant Color Palette: As with other NextSpace issues, we wanted to keep the layouts interesting by incorporating vibrant colors. This issue’s color palette follows this objective while maintaining consistency throughout the various articles.
  • Design Style: Introducing creativity with a system that was translatable across all the articles, we sought to develop a design structure that spoke to the content complexity and richness of the issue.

With another great issue of NextSpace available to librarians and public information institutions around the world, we’re happy to help spread the word about MOOCs, as they encourage communities to connect and grow together, spread and share knowledge, and make opportunities more attainable for future generations. Download NextSpace Issue No. 23 to learn more about MOOCs and OCLC’s plans for the future!