Oct 27, 2015


Above all, we here at Origo Branding Company are problem solvers.  For over 30 years, we’ve proudly created thoughtful solutions for our clients’ business challenges. 25 years ago that might have been a typeset print campaign. In today’s digital era it happens on mobile phones and tablets. But no matter the decade, we’ve always combined design, messaging, and strategy to develop tools and ideas that help our partners achieve their next level of brand success. And as the world and our clients needs have evolved, so has our service offering.    

That said, we’re excited to introduce a new member (and new service) to Origo: Sr. Media Buyer & Planner, Kylie Hunt. Kylie brings over a decade of experience in all forms of media–from TV, to environmental, all the way to digital. And Kylie has already made quite an impact. In just 3 months, she’s managed over 1 million dollars in media for several clients and produced results well above the national average on digital initiatives.

Not only is Kylie great at what she does, but she also brought a surge of genuine energy, enthusiasm, and passion to the agency. Put in her own words:

“I love my job because it’s fun. Is that cliché? Sure it is, but when my kids ask me what I do when I go to work everyday, I point at the TV and I tell them, ‘Mommy helps put people on TV.’ That’s cool. Is it always about TV? No, but it’s still way cool to talk about putting people on the radio or on a really awesome wallscape in the middle of downtown Columbus. I help make those things happen. I get to learn about companies and give clients a reason to smile when they see their brand out in the real world. I’m excited to give our clients the experience of having the same person, and the same team, handle their media from the very first meeting to the very last piece of media in a campaign. I like being the clients one source of contact from the beginning to the end…and then repeating it again for their next marketing effort.”

Outside of work, Kylie is a mom to two amazing little boys and the wife of seven years to “one of the busiest guys on the planet”. They spend their time between Indiana and Ohio with their families, and they love to travel out west to the mountains. She likes to experiment in the kitchen and try new local restaurants. She’s a sports fan, home workout guru, music enthusiast, Pinterest-aholic, and audio book lover.

Simply put, Kylie rocks. And we can’t wait to introduce her to our clients, partners, and friends. If you have any questions about our media buying and planning services (or just wanna talk about Pinterest), contact her at kylie@origobranding.com. She’ll be waiting with an ever-present smile.