Dec 17, 2015

IMG_9935_webWe’re almost there, friends. The New Year is just around the corner, and with it comes fresh ideas from rejuvenated minds. At Origo, we know inspiration can pop up anywhere, at anytime. And there’s nothing worse than having that million-dollar idea get lost between surprise phone calls and urgent emails.

IMG_9874_webWith that in mind, we sent our partners a handy notebook and pen to capture all of those “Ah-ha!!” moments. The New Year brings a burst of creative energy, and we’d hate for those great ideas to vanish into thin air. And because it’s never to early to get inspired, we also created a video wishing all of our friends great new ideas from the new year.

Mochi, our Director of Stress Relief, has already started jotting down some inspiration for the New Year. What’s yours?

IMG_9925_webHappy New Year from Origo Branding!