Jan 25, 2016

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Drug overdose is the leading cause of accidental death in the United States. And many of these deaths are due to the misuse of prescription medications–NOT illicit street drugs.

With so many lives at risk, it has become clear that prescription drug misuse is an issue that needs urgent attention. And in 2006, the State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy decided to take action. The organization created the first Ohio Automated Rx Reporting System (OARRS), a program designed to track valuable insight on patients’ prescription history, allowing prescribers, pharmacists, and law enforcement officers to track patterns of drug misuse.

To gain new awareness and engagement in the program, the Ohio Board of Pharmacy asked Origo to develop a new brand strategy for both their department and the OARRS software, helping position the two entities as leaders in improving quality patient care by helping in the fight against prescription drug abuse.

Brand Identity

The branding process kicked off with Origo initiating a comprehensive brand audit and working meetings with the client. Using the insights gained, Origo was able to create a new brand identity for the Board of Pharmacy and OARRS that gave the agency and software a modern and progressive look, while maintaining the official, government feel of the agency and program.

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Online Website Strategy

The next step was to apply the revamped brand design to a mobile-optimized online experience for both the OARRS and Ohio Board of Pharmacy websites, creating a more intuitive navigation for users. The new websites were designed to for prescribers, pharmacists, and law enforcement to learn about the different benefits and value around the agency and software, making it easier for them to engage further in their resources.

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Video Tutorials

The new website was further brought to life through a series of animated video trainings, designed to educate the target audience on all the functionalities of OARRS, as well as how to use the program to prevent prescription drug abuse. Using motion graphics, Origo created 3 videos, covering informational topics, such as:

Outreach Strategies

Once developing the digital marketing strategies, the next step was to apply the brand design to new outreach materials, aiming to provide a general overview of how the OARRS program works and how it can add value for professionals looking to improve quality care in their organization. Outreach strategies included new collateral pieces, helping promote the program to different facilities.oarrsblog

In the month’s following the brand and web launch, the OARRS program began showing an increased interest in learning about the program and features. Origo can’t wait to see how the brand will continue to evolve as more individuals become educated in the prevention of Rx drug misuse. To learn more, visit the new website for the Ohio Board of Pharmacy here, as well as the new OARRS website here.