Apr 08, 2016


At first, we almost didn’t give him an interview because we thought he spelled his own name wrong on his resume. But his design was so darn good we gave him a shot anyway. It’s a good thing we did. (Despite the wayward “c” it is indeed pronounced like “Alex.”) 

Unique spelling aside, we loved having Alecx as our design intern for the winter. He is a nimble, eager, fast-learning designer that gave us contributions beyond what we expect from an intern. Also, and more importantly, he’s just a helluva good guy–despite the fact he tried to steal our office cat.  

We’ll let Alecx describe his time here in his own words.

Have you ever woken up suddenly, dripping with sweat because you’re dying to know what it’s like to be an intern at an agency that is the bees knees and owns all of the cats pajamas? Well then you’re in the right place, as I delve into what it was really like to be an intern at Origo Branding Company.

Firstly, I spent a lot of time using a big jungle leaf to fan down all of my coworkers, scrubbing floors, and making beer runs. Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration–other than the occasional 6-pack of beer on Friday, and being judged if my choice was too hipster or not hipster enough. Damn, beer snobs.

Ok, the truth: I loved almost every second. My time at Origo taught me so much about design and agency life. When I started at Origo I was thrown immediately into the deep end. However, with the sink or swim mentality, I chose to learn and grow. I made it through and it taught me an invaluable lesson in teamwork and my own workflow and creative process.

Having the ability to work directly with real clients and with such an amazing team of creatives made me appreciate the world of design and Origo. My time here really pushed me further as a designer and a professional. This truly was a great experience and I’m forever thankful.

(Also, I pinky swear they didn’t pay or force me to write good things. Actually, scratch that, I’m on the clock right now. So technically, yes, I am getting paid, but not like extra or anything.)