Jun 02, 2016


“Reading is more than a school subject–it’s a life skill.”

That was the idea McGraw-Hill Education brought to Origo when they partnered with us to produce a video for their FLEX Literacy product.

FLEX Literacy is a curriculum that educators can use when a student has fallen far behind in their literacy abilities. The product is designed to rapidly improve a students literacy performance and catch them up to their peers.

We quickly recognized how important a project this was going to be. Literacy is a fundamental skill for a successful future. And arming educators with a tool to potentially save a child from a lifetime of poor reading was a cause we simply had to be a part of.

Origo entered into our creative process. It started with concept development, then went on to script writing, storyboarding, art direction, video production, and then editing. In the end, we produced “The Ones That Keep you Up At Night”– an emotional video that highlighted the everyday challenges of educators while capturing the importance of childhood literacy.

Origo is proud to have partnered with McGraw-Hill Education on this project and we hope to have a small hand in helping children across the country improve their literacy.