Jul 11, 2016

One of the best indicators of a successful brand is the amount of relevant and positive engagement it generates in the local community. Brands that grow deep roots in their local area often find an easier path to success on a larger scale.

Here are three ways your brand can get cozy with the locals:


Let People Experience Your Values

There’s no replacing an authentic brand experience. When employees and customers are inspired to share their brand experiences, it humanizes the brand and makes it more approachable. And this starts with having values that are clear and relatable.

Donatos Pizza is a great example of a brand committing to the community through its values. Donatos has a clear value of bringing people together through great pizza. And it brings this value to life serving pizza at community events, creating a welcoming space in their restaurants for gatherings, and donating pizza to local charities. This puts both their product and their values on display for the community to experience.

Blog_CSS_Graphics3Support Other Homegrown Companies

Too often companies seem like they’re hidden at the top of an office building, far away from their community. This creates distance both literally and figuratively. Connecting with and supporting other local businesses–big and small–gives people a chance to interact with your brand on a grassroots level. It also demonstrates a commitment to strengthening the community.

Here are a couple easy ways to get on the ground level with your community:

  • Have a little fun: Getting involved with social events like music and arts festivals, camps, and fundraisers helps people understand that you’re an invested community member.
  • Partner with like-minded organizations on corporate responsibility initiatives. Find ways to use your products, goods, and services to help the community. For instance, if you have a restaurant brand, find ways to work with local food banks.


Be A Social Media Butterfly

Brands that are only spectators of social media, or only use it only for self-promotional purposes, are often disregarded and forgotten. Social media is a place that thrives on interaction and connection.

Here are some simple ways to get your brand interacting on social media

  • Tag, Like, Mention, and Follow local organizations. This type of interaction will encourage them to share your brand’s online activities and help you grow a greater social presence in a latter tag.
  • Be responsive to customer feedback. While it may be hard to respond to every customer comment, it is important to show your followers that you are engaged and responsive to their feedback. Make sure to stay positive and avoid defensive responses to negative feedback.
  • Share valuable information about your industry, products/services, and company culture. This type of interaction is effective in building company morale and showing your customers that your company is made of real people doing positive things.

Whether you’re in the software industry or the insurance industry, there are plenty of opportunities to build a community-oriented brand. In doing so, you can engage new audiences and strengthen overall brand loyalty.