Aug 02, 2016

Every piece of great creative work starts with an idea. And our clients have showed us that there is no idea too small to grow.

With this in mind, we wanted to create a gift that focused on the spirit of summer and all the inspiration it brings. Through our summer campaign, “The Power of New Ideas,” we hope to plant a seed of encouragement for our friends and clients, and show that even the smallest ideas can turn into big, big solutions for their business.

This year’s spring promotion included:

  • A promotional package that went out to different partners and friends, including a flowerpot and a pencil with a flower seed in the eraser
  • Illustrative design elements with inspirational messaging
  • A campaign microsite that was delivered through an e-blast campaign
  • An easy path for users to connect with Origo
  • A motion-graphics video, encouraging audiences to turn their ideas for their business into a reality


The responses we received to the gift were overwhelmingly positive and many of our clients and friends have placed their flowerpot on their desk as a simple reminder of the power of ideas.

So what are your ideas for your business? Check out our campaign here and set a meeting today.