Oct 31, 2016


We’re excited to introduce a new member to Origo: Senior Project Manager, Andreina Vincentelli. Andreina brings almost a decade of experience to the team in all aspects of project management and marketing strategy, working as a project lead for major brands such as Nickelodeon, FITCH, and DIRECTV Latin America. She’s had plenty of experience working with a variety of different national accounts and projects, helping to drive different initiatives from media, TV, video, environmental, and other brand strategies.

Andreina brings loads of creativity, passion, an enthusiasm to our agency, but most of all, a disciplined mind and strong management skills, helping to ensure that all of our clients meet their different internal and external objectives for their different initiatives.

To get to know a bit more about Andreina, here are some fun facts:

  • Where Are You From: Born in Toledo, Ohio. Raised in Caracas, Venezuela.
  • Strengths: Photography, project management, and making breakfast.
  • Passions: Food, music, fashion and people.
  • Your Tagline: “Life is actually not that short, so make good decisions.”
  • Life Philosophy: “Traveling is the best University.”
  • Favorite Quote: “Humble, with just a hint of Kanye”
  • Inspiration/Hero: “All the dogs of my life.”
  • Something Fun About You: “I color code my iPhone’s apps.”

We’re excited to have Andreina on the Origo team and can’t wait to introduce her to our clients, partners, and friends. And, she just started our new Instagram page at @OrigoBranding. Check it out here.

If you have any questions about our project management services or just want to get to know Andreina a bit better, feel free to contact her at andreina@origobranding.com.