May 31, 2017

We’re excited to introduce a new member to Origo: Senior Project Manager Eric Witt. Eric brings about 15 years of project management and business management expertise in the creative industry, and has worked as a project lead for major brands, such as Gatorade, Reebok, Hasbro, PepsiCo/PepsiCo International, Kimberly-Clark, Starbucks, Wrigley, Frito-Lay, and Quaker.

In addition to some mad baking skills, Eric brings loads of experience and enthusiasm to our agency. His strong management skills and cool demeanor help to ensure that all of our clients meet their different internal and external objectives for their various initiatives, and that their expectations have been exceeded.

To get to know a little bit more about Eric, here are some fun facts:

Where Are You From: 

I grew up in east Tennessee and southwest Ohio.


Figuring stuff out; turning ideas into things; staying calm.


Reading; cooking; being a dad.

Your Tagline:

No surprises.

Life Philosophy:

Show up. Smile. Work hard. Be nice.

Favorite Quote:

“If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got.”


I’m inspired by all those before me that worked, fought, and stood up for the ideals and values that are important to me.

Something Fun About You:

Growing up, my dad was a camp director. So every day was full of lakes, trees, campfires, and wildlife.

We’re excited to have Eric on the Origo team and can’t wait to introduce him to our clients, partners, and friends. If you have any questions about our project management services or just want to get to know Eric a bit better, feel free to contact him at