Jun 15, 2017


Recent shifts in technology, the economy, and cultural norms are changing the way donors engage with nonprofit organizations. This means that organizations that stick to the status quo might be missing out on key opportunities to grow their donor base. In order to thrive in an ever-changing philanthropic world, it is essential to create fundraising strategies that align with current giving trends.

With this in mind, Origo was thrilled to sponsor Giving USA, an event designed to educate philanthropic organizations on charitable giving trends. Hosted yesterday morning at the Franklin Conservatory Barn, Giving USA was a huge success, attracting dozens of nonprofits from across Ohio. The event featured Dr. Una O. Osili, Director of Research at the Lilly Family of Philanthropy, who shared her expertise and thought leadership on trends nonprofits should pay attention to as they build fundraising efforts.

Here are the top key takeaways we took from the event:

  • When targeting key donors, it is becoming increasingly important to focus on females and younger individuals. It is therefore essential to keep these audiences top of mind when crafting the messaging for future fundraising materials.
  • Technology has a huge impact on the giving process. As technology has advanced, more and more potential donors are making their donations online. It is estimated that by 2025, 50% of all transactions will occur on mobile devices. This means that nonprofits that don’t have a mobile friendly website that provide users with an intuitive donating experience are missing out on some big fundraising opportunities.
  • The power in philanthropy comes from engaging individuals. Contrary to popular belief, the vast majority of donations come from individuals and not big corporations like Nike or Apple. With 72 % of all donations coming from individuals, it is essential for nonprofits to successfully build relationships with potential donors. Dr. Osili suggested that to do so, nonprofits must first understand their target audiences and what they care about, and then demonstrate how their organization can help make a difference.

At Origo we are passionate about working with nonprofits and philanthropic organizations to advance their awareness, generate effective fundraising strategies, and expand their impact to individuals in need. We were thrilled to have the opportunity to celebrate the work we do in this field and learn how we can better communicate our cause and make a difference in someone’s life.