Sep 11, 2017

For most companies, sales and marketing teams are both in the business of increasing leads and, to that end, they can either be each other’s best friend or worst enemy.  To put it simply, sales exists to make sales, while marketing exists to make the sales process easier, thus increasing sales for the company, so it’s essential that the two areas learn to “play nice.” According to research, when a company’s sales and marketing teams work in tandem, they achieve 19% faster revenue growth and 15% higher profitability, but tension between the two departments can dramatically decrease that growth.


Often, when B2B clients come to us, it’s because they’ve discovered a disconnect between those two important teams. Here are three ways to get marketing and sales to march to the same beat.

Clearly Defines Roles Within the Sales Strategy

Conflict tends to arise when sales and marketing teams aren’t exactly sure what to expect from each other. It’s essential that teams and individuals have a clear understanding of everyone’s responsibilities within the selling cycle, which means that every team member should understand their role in:

  • Priming the market to increase brand familiarity
  • Capturing quality leads that raise conversion rates
  • Executing and maintaining a consistent message, voice, and visual identity
  • Evaluating key performance indicators and sales metrics

We often accomplish this through internal focus groups and surveys. Getting feedback from key team members can uncover confusion about roles and create opportunities to add clarity.

Strengthen Your Brand Internally

A strong brand acts as an anchor between your sales and marketing teams. Having a consistent brand–complete with a value proposition, essence, positioning statements, appeals, messaging, and visuals–creates cohesion between everyone in your organization. Consistently executed branded materials such as sell sheets, folders, landing pages, brochures, inserts, are presentations are easy ways to build internal brand equity.


Use Video for Internal Messaging

Internal videos are a quick and efficient way to align teams within your company. Videos can range from a complex 3D motion graphics video that details key product features to a simple iPhone video from a sales manager about relevant talking points. Regardless of the execution, it’s helpful when both teams refer to the same, easy-to-understand resource for generating their messages, tactics, and strategies. And because nearly every social and digital platform supports video content, it’s easy to implement.

When it comes to getting marketing and sales on the same page, identifying communication challenges is half the battle. Now it’s time to tackle these challenges and align marketing and sales efforts to take your company’s revenue stream to the next level.