Oct 27, 2017

Live jazz and laughter filled the air last Wednesday evening as Origo threw yet another wicked fun Halloween party. Unfortunately, Don and Betty Draper were not in attendance, but that didn’t stop us from having a scary good time. Inspired by our favorite vintage ads and a bit of 60s flare, this year’s party theme – “Mad Monsters” – was full of alarming creativity, ghoulish drinks, and unearthly, delicious appetizers.

The talented Zach Compston Quintet played some soulful jazzy tunes with a lot of energetic improvisation to kick off the night. As guests started arriving, it was exciting to see the candlelit cellar filled with familiar faces. Drinks like the Vampire Vodka and Ghoulish Gin & Tonic were also available for those who wanted to have a taste of the Halloween spirit.

Leading up to our night, we promoted the event through e-blasts, a Mad Men themed promotional video, signage, and a landing page. A crowd favorite were the frightening versions of the 60s ads we developed, featuring “Bloodweiser,” (Budweiser), “Robert Stewardess,” and many other thrilling headlines. See more examples below.

To further generate excitement around the event, we created a branded motion-graphics video, using the hit show, Mad Men as inspiration for the design and music of the video.

Behind our signature branding process and strong client relationships is a team of fun-loving individuals, ready to have a great time in the spooky spirit of Halloween. Again, we want to say one more big thanks to everyone who came out. We could not be happier to bring our closest friends together to celebrate the creativity and fun that comes along with one of our favorite seasons.

Check out photos from the event above and on our Facebook page under the“Mad Monster” photo album.