Nov 21, 2017



Entrepreneurship Day began in 2010 as a way to honor the men and women who have often created an empire from nothing, and created jobs and economic opportunity along the way.

One of those entrepreneurs is our own Tommaso Ciaffoncini, who founded Origo in 1985, and has developed design and marketing strategies for organizations around the world. Through the years, Tommaso has served clients, ranging from Fortune 500 corporations to small nonprofit organizations, never forgetting those who have helped and inspired him along the way.

On this day, entrepreneurs are encouraged to thank mentors and to give advice, so we asked Tommaso for some advice to pass along to future entrepreneurs.


“I don’t know why I decided to go into business for myself, or when, but I always knew that I wanted to succeed in things I am passionate about. What I had an interest in was to work in the field of design and advertising, so when I started 32 years ago…[I had a vision of how I wanted to do things]. My goal was to become a consultant and work with companies to make things that would affect their business in a positive way. And that’s what we do every day.”


“In order to become a good businessperson, you must be alert where you are. Things change. Technology changes. Businesses have changed substantially. We are more in a global business mentality. We are all connected and communicate differently. It’s important to adapt and find solutions to make your company relevant.”

Keep Evolving

“We use the same basic skills today that we used 32 years ago, whether it’s basic design or copywriting, but through different mediums. Now, there is a greater focus on website and digital. The key to keeping ideas fresh is surrounding yourself by people with energy who care about what they do and have a desire to produce the best results.”


“One of the best lessons is that you cannot do everything yourself. You may have good ideas, even great ideas, but you have to listen to other people and be very collaborative, especially with your clients. So when you walk inside a client’s office, one of the things you have to learn as a good business person is to listen to their goals and their needs.”

Shift Your Thinking

“We’re in a global business mentality. You have to think beyond Columbus, Ohio, and local business. We are all connected, and you have to recognize that things around you move even faster than you do. When you recognize that, you have to adapt, and to also find solutions that make you relevant. There’s nothing worse than to be obsolete.”


“It is important to be clear about your intentions and what you believe. Integrity and honesty are very important. It’s important to be true to our brand. A brand is like a person – when you have a poor reputation it is difficult to succeed and get trust. “


“It’s important to give even when you feel things are tight.”


“You need to think about what makes you different than the next person who does the same thing. For many years, my goal was to create a company that developed incredible design services. We changed our strategy 10-12 years ago to be a full-service agency that provides excellent results for our clients.”



If you would like additional advice from Tommaso or would like to talk about your marketing strategy, drop us a line at