Nov 09, 2017


Marketing is full of jargon and one of the most used words is the term “content”— marketers frequently like to use terms like “content marketing” and pronounce that “content is king.” To put it simply, content marketing is the strategic use of online content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience, and is an essential element of digital marketing.

As for content itself, first of all, any information you put out on the web is considered content, whether it’s a blog post, YouTube video, infographic, or social media post.

There are three types of content to know about:

Static Content
This is content that doesn’t really change over time, and is also referred to as evergreen. It’s not necessarily unchangeable or forever set in stone, but it is content that remains relatively unchanged through any site changes, such as your website’s homepage or About Us section.

Dynamic Content
This type of content is also referred to as “churnable” and it is usually found on your blog. The topic of your content typically changes from post-to-post, and the content itself is usually timely.

Social Content
This is the content that is posted on your social channel, and is sometimes referred to as “owned media.” This type of content is a portion of your overall strategy, but should never make up your entire strategy. The content posted can be pulled from your static and dynamic content, but could also be pulled from outside sources.

It’s important to remember that content strategy is the planning, development, creation, delivery and management of various types of content. This level of planning is critical because content has to be carefully planned, created, and distributed, which helps great content rise to the top of an overwhelming sea of digital “noise.” In order to do that, it needs to resonate with your audience.

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