Dec 14, 2017


While pain medication can be a helpful tool for those who experience pain, it can have large health consequences when misused. Over the years, the misuse of opioids has become an increasing problem throughout Ohio. To address this issue, the Ohio Department of Health, along with several state agencies and licensing boards, have partnered with Origo to develop Take Charge Ohio, a statewide campaign empowering all Ohioans to work together to increase safe prescribing and medication practices.

The Issue

The statistics are shocking. Every 2 hours an Ohioan dies from an unintentional drug overdose. And of these overdose deaths, 63% of individuals received a prescription for a controlled substance within the past year. That being said, it is clear that opioids are a huge contributing factor to drug overdose deaths in Ohio and it is becoming increasingly necessary to increase education on safe medication and prescribing practices among patient and prescriber populations.

The Solution

Take Charge Ohio provides a positive and encouraging message to patients, the general public, and health professionals, reminding Ohioans that everyone can play a role in increasing medication safety. To do so, we have developed an integrative marketing campaign, allowing both health professionals and patients to access valuable tools and resources on safe medication and pain management practices.

PHASE 1: Research & Analysis

We kicked off the campaign through a comprehensive research process to help guide our insights, messaging, and approach for the new campaign. As part of this research, we conducted in-depth research meetings among state health departments, including:

  • The Ohio Department of Health
  • Ohio Mental Health and Addiction Services
  • Ohio State Pharmacy Board
  • Governor’s Cabinet Opiate Action Team/Prescriber Education Workgroup (GCOAT PEW)
  • Prescription Drug Abuse Action Group/ Prescriber Education Workgroup (PDAAG PEW)

 PHASE 2: Brand Strategy

Based on our findings from the research phase, we developed five marketing concepts, each with a logo lockup, tagline, differentiated messaging, web URL, and concept imagery. Then, we went on to test the top three conceptual directions among nine focus groups with prescribers and patients throughout Southeast, Central, Northeast, and Southwest Ohio.

Based on the focus group findings, we selected a new master concept -“Take Charge Ohio,” encouraging prescribers and patients to take charge of medication safety and promote safe pain management practices. Through this process, we also developed a new tagline for the campaign: “Manage Pain. Prevent Medication Abuse.”


PHASE 3: Digital Strategy

Using the new campaign creative, we designed and developed a campaign microsite that serves as an online hub for prescribers and patients to learn more about safe pain management and medication tools and resources. The website includes toolkits geared towards health professionals, patients, and the general public, equipping them with the tools and resources to become champions of medication safety.

As part of the website, we also developed a Public Awareness toolkit, providing template advertisements for statewide partners, health professionals, and community members to use when promoting our message among their networks. Tools include social media graphics, digital ads, brochures, flyers, print advertisements, and posters.

To further promote our mission, we created three motion graphics videos to be promoted through online strategies, such as social media campaigns and other ad placements, educating prescribers and patients on safe medication and pain management tips. These included:



Upon developing the brand and digital strategy for the campaign, we focused on creating outreach tactics to spread our message across Ohio. To do so, we developed the following:

  • A social media campaign, promoting tips and resources on medication and pain management safety.
  • Digital ads, print advertisements, billboards, and posters, designed to help increase campaign awareness, promote important tips, and drive individuals to the campaign microsite.
  • Brochures and fliers, providing useful tips and education on the risks of pain medication, safe alternatives, and safe medication practices



Since its launch in October of 2017, the statewide campaign has been a huge success, engaging over 80,000 prescribers through a campaign e-blast, encouraging health professionals across the state to implement our practices into their network of patients.

Additionally, website traffic continues to grow as more health professionals and patients get connected to the mission of Take Charge Ohio and share our tools and resources. We look forward to increasing impact and awareness for medication safety in Ohio as the campaign continues to evolve. To learn more visit