Jan 11, 2018

We’re excited to introduce the newest addition to our Origo family: Account Manager Josh Ahrns. By joining our team of strategic and creative leaders, he is helping to expand our account management and media planning expertise through his years of experience working in the field. Specializing in brand strategy, project management, and media planning services, we are confident and excited that he will be able to create an even bigger impact for our future projects, specifically assisting in the management and execution of different search engine marketing campaigns and social media strategies.

Alongside his digital experience, Josh has considerable expertise in developing integrated media strategies, leveraging both digital and traditional tactics, helping to successfully target specific audiences through focused ad placements and branded messaging, while also implementing methods of tracking performance, allowing us to advance the way we optimize our marketing initiatives for the future.

At Origo, we also value how someone can contribute to our company culture, as well as their expertise. And when getting to know a bit more about Josh, we knew he would be a perfect fit. Here are some fun facts:

Where Are You From: Dayton, OH.

Strengths: Creative problem solving, new ideas, building relationships. Oh, and bad (but really good) puns.

Passions: Branding, hiking, hoops, and making people smile.

Your Tagline: A smile is always worthwhile.

Life Philosophy: Take in the moment.  Enjoy the little things.  Be a friend to all.

Favorite Quote: “Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age, and dreams are forever” – Walt Disney

Inspiration/Hero: Both of my grandpas, and their zests for life.

Something Fun About You: I love traveling to the Pacific Northwest region of the U.S.

Pet: The only pet I’ve ever owned was a gecko.

What’s on Your Spotify Playlist: Country music and Frank Sinatra.

We’re excited to have Josh on the Origo team and can’t wait to introduce him to our clients, partners, and friends. If you have any questions about our project management and media services, or just want to get to know Josh a bit better, feel free to contact us to set a meeting at solutions@origobranding.com.