May 29, 2018

At Origo, we spend our time generating compelling storytelling strategies and creative solutions for our many clients and partners. We love mixing our artistic intuition with our business savvy to connect with new audiences and help brands stand out from their competition. In order to remain engaged and feed our artistic instincts, we must also pursue creative passions in other aspects of our lives.

A perfect example is our President and Creative Director, Tommaso Ciaffoncini. During his time managing his award-winning creative agency, Origo Branding Company (founded in 1985), Tommaso has never stopped in his other artistic pursuits, building a portfolio of paintings and other works over the years. Now, he is embarking on a new journey, as he has just unveiled his series of works through a new website and is preparing for a featured art show in the “Summer Show of Abstracts III”, happening on Friday, June 1st at Marcia Evans Gallery in the Short North Arts District of Columbus, Ohio.

Running throughout the summer, this show will share pieces of Tommaso’s work from over the years, taking us back to his roots in Urbino, Italy (birthplace of famous Renaissance artist, Raphael Sanzio), as well as through his extensive background in design and fine arts. In each of his paintings, Tommaso works to demonstrate his love for artistic expression and storytelling.

As one of the main themes of the show, many of the pieces will come from his series titled “Ti Amo”, which conveys the necessity to scream out loud and declare your love with two simple, yet beautiful, words. He chose to use the Italian translation of “I Love You” because he learned to love so many things before he learned the English language. Over time, Tommaso recognized that people avoid saying these words, as we may be afraid that after we declare our love, we will not receive a reciprocal response. Finding the strength and the courage to tell someone how much they’re loved is to dig deep inside oneself, as it is the only way to find happiness.

To experience his show in person, visit the opening reception on June 1st, from 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM, at Marcia Evans Gallery (8 E Lincoln St, Columbus, Ohio). And for more information, visit the Facebook event here.

To follow Tommaso’s work, like his page on Facebook and be sure to visit his website.