Jul 27, 2018


Utilizing video for brand storytelling is an effective and engaging way to communicate your brand’s purpose and mission. A compelling video creates an experience that makes your message relevant in the hearts and minds of your audience, allowing them to take a peek into the culture and values of your organization, enticing them to engager further with your brand.

Here are some examples of different visual storytelling approaches a brand can take when creating a video strategy.

Narrative-Driven Videos

Sometimes it can be difficult for audiences to connect to the message of a brand. By creating a story that is relatable to your audience’s life, you create an opportunity for your audience to create an emotional connection with your brand and engage on a deeper level beyond just the standard elevator pitch. We recently partnered with McGraw-Hill Education to develop a narrative-driven video advertisement, titled The Ones That Keep You up at Night, to promote their literacy product, FLEX Learning. To compliment their other marketing initiatives that focus on product benefits, the goal of this video was to resonate with educators on an emotional level by empathizing with the everyday challenges of helping struggling students meet their full potential, all while communicating the importance of childhood literacy.

Online Promotional Videos

Online videos act as great tools for generating hype and excitement for seasonal campaigns, promotions, and even new product launches . To make online content  more consumable and sharable for social media users, we often feature fun animations, imagery, and/or b-roll (accompanied with upbeat and energetic music) to help deliver our message. A great example of this type of video strategy is the Origo 2017 Holiday Promotion video , featuring custom-drawn animated characters to demonstrate a message of kindness during the holiday season, as well as how we can all play a part in spreading the spirit of giving from one person to another. This type of video strategy provided us an opportunity to share a bit about the values and culture we hold at Origo, demonstrating our organization’s passion for making a positive impact on the world.

Explainer Videos

This genre is a perfect choice for companies that want to use video for introductions, overviews, processes, and/or tutorials for products, services, or ideas. In the example below, we demonstrate how we recently partnered with MES, Inc. a global supply and chain management company, to create a video that offers an engaging explanation of how they simplify the supply chain management process for customers. Recently launched, this video was considered so successful in their marketing efforts, that they incorporated it in each of their representatives’ selling processes around the world.

Mission Videos

When launching a new brand or telling stories on the impact an organization creates for its communities, mission videos are perfect tools to showcase your value, mission, and culture through engaging testimonials, b-roll footage, and graphics. Specifically when launching a new brand, this tactic offers a concise and visually engaging way to create impact to both existing and potential stakeholders audiences. For example, after establishing the overall brand for Heinzerling Community, we created a mission video to help generate greater community awareness for the organization, helping to connect more families, donors, and community members to the wide range of services they offer to those with severe developmental disabilities.

Social Media & Online Video Campaigns

When communicating a story that has multiple messages and/or audiences, it can be effective to create a series of videos, also known as a video campaign. This type of content is specifically effective for engaging followers on social media platforms because it is normally shorter and more consumable (between 15-30 seconds). Take Charge Ohio is a statewide campaign we developed with the Ohio Department of Health to educate prescribers and patients on safe pain management and medication practices. To help communicate our different audiences and messages, we created a series of motion-graphic videos to be shared on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube, focusing on different campaign topics, such as “Harmless Sharing,” “Quick Fixes,” “Managing Pain Properly,” and “Storing and Disposing of Medications.”

Whether you’re developing a video that reflects the mission and vision of your organization, or creating a short promotional spot that builds excitement around your company’s culture or services, leveraging the power of video can be a powerful storytelling tool for your brand. For more examples of effective video storytelling strategies, visit Origo’s Vimeo page.