Aug 08, 2018

In 2016 overdoses involving opioids killed more than 42,000 people in the United States with 40% of these deaths resulting from the misuse of prescription pain medication. To address this serious public health issue, Origo Branding and the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) have teamed up to launch Take Charge Ohio, a public service campaign educating prescribers and patients on safe pain management and medication practices.

As part of the campaign, we recently created 3 new Public Service Announcements (TV and Radio) to highlight different messages related to medication safety and proper pain management practices, with the goal to prompt patients and prescribers to be part of the solution to create a safer prescribing culture.


The goal of the Take Charge Ohio PSA, titled “Side by Side”, is to increase awareness for recovery resources available as well as break the stigma against drug addiction. The video focuses on two individuals as they wake up and go through their day. One is a young college student and the other is a construction worker. The side-by-side screen composition and voiceover points out that each have positive attributes, though, both live completely different lifestyles. At the end of the spot, the voiceover reveals that each of them have substance abuse issues, as finally they partake in a similar activity of attending a substance abuse treatment group. The end of the film shows how these two individuals who live seemingly normal lives both struggle with substance abuse and are seeking treatment for their addiction. The voiceover then encourages the general public to visit the Take Charge Ohio website to learn more or call their help line.



Research has shown that many teens believe that prescription drugs are much safer than illegal street drugs because they are prescribed by a doctor. In an effort to change this misperception among young adults and prevent diversion, we created “Harmless Sharing,” a PSA that highlights the risks involved with sharing prescription pain medication.

The PSA focuses on the family dynamic between two sisters as the younger teen asks her older sister (recovering from surgery) if she can borrow certain items. While the older sister complacently agrees to share with her younger sister, at the mention of sharing painkillers, the older sister is not as complacent as before and shows concern for her sibling. The spot ends with a call-to action that reminds individuals of the risks involved when sharing prescription pain medications and prompts individuals to help prevent diversion by safely disposing and storing medication.



In an effort to change Ohioan’s misperception that opioids are the only way to manage pain, we have developed a new PSA titled “No Quick Fixes,” reminding patients to consider alternative therapies for safe pain management. The new PSA showcases different scenarios that would be foolish in treating with a quick fix, such as fixing a broken chair with duct tape or repairing a torn shirt with safety pins. At the end of the PSA we pose the question, “So why look for a quick fix when it comes to pain management?”, prompting patients to reflect on how the quick and easy route isn’t always the best route when managing pain, and to explore all options for safe pain management.


To access the full campaign and to learn more about safe medication practices, please visit “Get Educated” on Take Charge Ohio’s website or visit their Vimeo page.