Feb 07, 2019

There are plenty of reasons that people use stock photography. It’s easy. It’s fast. And, for the most part, it’s less expensive than original photography. Stock can be a great tool. But investing in original photography can add even more value to your brand. Each photo within this post was taken by Origo’s team with the goal of providing our clients with a unique and personalized brand experience.


While stock photography offers millions of images – none of them were taken with your brand in mind. They don’t represent your brand’s unique personality in the same way that original photography can. When Origo partnered with Echoing Hills to develop their new brand strategy, it was paramount that we capture the authenticity and joy that the organization brings to the individuals they provide premier recreational, residential, vocational, travel and educational services for.


Stock images are taken by different photographers. They have different styles, different angles and different lighting. If you’re using multiple images, it can be a time-consuming challenge to find photos that have a consistent and creative feel to them.

For MediGold’s 2018 campaign, Exceptional Coverage, the design team at Origo brought their vision to life during the golden hour, a time of day shortly after sunrise, when the light is redder and softer. By planning our own shoot, we were able to ensure that all of the final images were intimate, warm, and most importantly cohesive.


Original photography obviously allows you to set up and capture the image you want in a way that stock can’t. But it also gives you more control over your images in another important way. Stock photography limits you to the conditions of licenses and rights. Higher quality stock generally comes with more limits on how and where you can use it. And unless you spend a small fortune to buy out an image, the same photos you’re using could pop up in any number of other companies.

The Before You Bet (Originally Be the 95%) responsible gambling campaign is a great example of how original photography is an investment worth making. The images from the first photoshoot we completed four years ago are still creating connections with our target audience and have no limits to how far their reach can go.

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” And by investing in original photography, you can help make sure that those words are building toward a brand identity that no one else can claim.