Feb 21, 2019

Advertising is a powerful tool to influence behavior. When it comes to public health, more and more campaigns are using fun and memorable messages to steer that behavior in positive directions.

In 2017, Ohio for Responsible Gambling (ORG) partnered with Origo Branding to create a TV spot, addressing the issue of problem gambling, for their Get Set Before You Bet public health campaign. Data from ORG’s 2016/17 problem gambling survey revealed that the issue wasn’t just limited to urban areas. It affected rural counties and blue-collar workers almost as much as those who lived in the city. This brought to our attention that a message was needed to relate to the average, everyday person, and that’s how the “Be Like Todd” commercial came to be.

The goal was to create a positive, humorous and relatable message that connected with our target audience. By practicing responsible gambling behaviors, Todd is able to stay calm and cool no matter what day-to-day challenges he faces.

Breaking the stigma of what a problem gambler looks like.

Response to the initial “Be Like Todd” commercial was extremely positive. It opened up opportunities to expand our message to more audiences. In 2018, further research revealed that other groups were at risk of problem gambling. So, two new commercials were created that spoke to both Latino and the African American populations within Ohio, as well as young and older adult demographics.

“Be Like Nina” and “Be Like Gerald” continued to promote the core message of a calm, cool and responsible lifestyle. The end goal of the series is to remove the stigma that exists around problem gambling and redefine public perception of who may be at risk.

At Origo Branding, we take pride in creating impactful strategies. We look forward to supporting Ohio for Responsible Gambling’s mission of reducing the negative effects of gambling addiction in communities throughout our state as it continues to evolve in the years to come.