Apr 03, 2019

In an initiative of Ohio’s responsible gambling campaign, Get Set Before You Bet (and in partnership with Ohio for Responsible Gambling), Origo was recently asked to create a branded campaign to help prevent problem gambling amongst young people in Ohio. This was in response to recent survey data showing youth gambling on the rise within our state, which led to the creation and implementation of a campaign microsite, educational tactics, and media strategies to connect parents and educators to more information on this issue.

The risks are right in front of their faces.

Many of the digital games that young people play for hours on end simulate the same excitement experienced by gamblers. Opportunities for instant upgrades, mystery loot boxes and games of chance flash across the screen every time kids log in.

The earlier a person is introduced to gambling, the more likely they are to become problem gamblers as adults. If problem gambling isn’t prevented early among kids, it can have consequences that affect the rest of their lives.

Preventing problem gambling before it starts.

To help address this issue, Origo developed a new branded campaign for our state, including a microsite and advertising tactics to promote a simple message – when it comes to unlocking the reality of youth gambling and protecting our youth, we all have a role to play. Titled “Change the Game”, our objective for this initiative is to connect parents, educators and youth to the information, advice and support they need to prevent future gambling problems and help those who are being affected right now.

The brand’s design stems from classic gaming iconography, using pixels, coins, treasure chests, and pop-ups to bring to life the reality of gambling in gaming. The introduction of pop-up speech bubbles within the design calls attention to common gaming phrases that parents and influencers may not be aware of.

Web Strategy with a New Toolkit of Resources.

In applying the Change the Game concept to the website, fun and inviting icons were designed to guide people through the tools and information available to address the issue of youth gambling.

Toolkits for parents, educators and youth were created to educate people on various topics, including:

  • How Games Promote Gambling
  • Gambling Fact Sheets
  • Gambling Warning Signs
  • Discussion Guidelines
  • The Dangers of Youth Gambling

Change the Game Mission Video.

Along with the launch of the website, Origo’s team designed and animated a light-hearted mission video to act as a PSA for the new campaign. Its use of statistics in combination with fun characters introduces the issue in an intriguing and non-judgmental way that focuses on positive family relationships.

As a purpose-driven marketing agency, we take great pride in creating meaningful strategies for organizations that we partner with. We look forward to supporting the continued impact that Change the Game will have on protecting Ohio’s youth from the risks of problem gambling.