Jul 31, 2019

When 12pm rolls around, do you step outside to enjoy lunch at the nearest deli? Devour a salad with one hand on your keyboard still working? Instagram the feast you ordered from the local hotspot? Maybe you skip it all together with the hopes of finding some company snack laying around the kitchen. Either way, we wanted to take a look at how important it is to remind yourself to take a break. It is not only beneficial to your health, but could improve your productivity at work.

Why do we not value our lunch breaks? America has become such a work-obsessed society that we tend to shun the notion of taking a break, explains Michael “Dr. Woody” Woodward, PhD, organizational psychologist and author of The YOU Plan. “Just like professional athletes, we all need the energy from calories for our minds to function at their best. And we all need a little time to recharge, too.”

You should be as strategic about your lunch hour as you are about planning the rest of your day. We asked employees at Origo how they spend their lunch break. Quite a few people on our team consistently use their lunch break to get in a quick workout, run down by the Scioto, take a spin class at the local YMCA, or just stroll around town .

“I honestly love working out in the middle of the day. It clears my mind, and I come back to work energized and focused.”- Kelly Kistler.

Some people eat at their desk, and others take the time to venture out together to grab a bite and eat around our community table back at the office.

“I always pack my lunch, that gives me the flexibility to eat when, and where I need to, depending on how my day is going.”- Beth Burson.

However you choose to eat your ham sandwich, or soup du jour, we encourage you to step outside and take a deep breathe! The lovely summer breeze will soon turn to crisp fall air, so soak up the summer sun while you can.

Bon appetite!