Nov 20, 2019

When Origo was started 34 years ago, our very first client was McGraw-Hill Education. That initial partnership set our company on the path toward becoming a successful thought leader within the industry. To this day, we’re honored to have the opportunity to develop creative campaigns that inspire growth and generate results for companies that serve students and educators nationwide.

During American Education Week, we are looking back to celebrate the work we’ve created with our education industry partners – and share some of the insights we’ve picked up along the way.

DISCOVERY EDUCATION: Harnessing Imagination & Wonder

The products and services offered by our education industry clients can have huge impacts on the lives of students, teachers and entire communities. When developing conceptual strategies to promote those products, we try to incorporate elements of imagination, wonder, and results into every idea. Each message and design must strategically focus on empowering teachers with the tools they need – while capturing the freedom and excitement that students get from learning something new. 

We recently had the opportunity to develop a concept that does just that when we partnered with Discovery Education. We were tasked with creating a campaign for their premier learning media service – the Discovery Education Experience. Our concept helped to visually represent the feeling of having a whole world of information at your fingertips – while hitting on the strategic goals of educating teachers about updated platform features that bring real-world experience into the classroom through one-of-a-kind content, lesson plan creation tools and research-based instructional strategies.

The campaign we created was called “A World of New Experiences.” It was built around the idea that, when you log in to Discovery Education Experience, you’re opening a window into an entire world of learning. From history to science to math – educators can introduce students to people and places they might otherwise never know. Discovery Education Experience takes learning out of the classroom and into the world. And with over 180,000 multimedia resources – including virtual field trips and video segments – it allows students to interact with the world in a whole new way.

NORTHEAST OHO MEDICAL UNIVERSITY: Reflecting A Culture Of Leadership Through An Advanced User Experience

When it comes to higher education, there’s a lot of competition among universities to attract the best and brightest students. Potential students are constantly being bombarded with information. And one of the most important things that can be done is to make sure your university’s values and culture is clearly communicated through easy navigation and intuitive user experience through your website.

That principle was put to good use when we worked with the Northeast Ohio Medical University (NEOMED). With three separate colleges that prepare future medical professionals for success, the university needed a website experience that properly reflected the quality of its programs. And Origo helped to develop a cohesive online experience – one that helps different users navigate through information quickly and easily, while also gaining a feel for the experiences they can gain when enrolling in NEOMED through online videos of the staff, students, and alumni. We were able to further enhance the user experience through optimal design, functionality and site architecture.

THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY: Building Direct Navigation To Enrollment

Another great example of how we utilized user experience to boost enrollment and increase awareness for one of our nation’s largest universities can be found on the site design Origo crafted for the Ohio State University Pharmacy Residency Programs. Our team helped to improve the user experience for the OSU Wexner Medical Center and College of Pharmacy and position the university as a leader within the field of pharmacy education. The new site design continues to help attract prospective students to enroll by developing a clear navigational hierarchy that makes it easy to identify the program that best aligns with student’s needs.

MCGRAW-HILL’S EVERYDAY MATHEMATICS: Exploring Curiosity & Bringing Lessons To Life

Over the years, we’ve found that it’s extremely important to present the everyday concepts in new visual ways to make learning fun and engaging for each generation of students. Every educational strategy that we develop starts with a new approach with patterns, illustrations, and photography to provide teachers with the tools that help them reach out to students in visually compelling and creative ways.

One of our favorite projects to date is a great example of how we pushed our creative boundaries. It was when we created a new brand strategy for McGraw-Hill Education’s leading elementary mathematics curriculum, Everyday Mathematics Fourth Edition. The new visual brand strategy exemplified the inviting and energizing graphic style we seek to bring to every concept. The theme was “Exploring Curiosity.” By using a vibrant color palette and illustrative overlays, it brought life to everyday objects that children often interact with, reflecting how math is literally in all activities and objects we interact with on a day-to-day basis. This allows teachers to present math lessons in clear, fun and engaging ways.


MHE AP CURRICULUM: Elevate Marketing Through Sophisticated Design

Whenever our team is asked to develop a large catalog for educational materials – our goal is to take a creative approach using design that’s clean and easily digestible. A solidly defined hierarchy, minimal use of design elements, and effective use of white space can help a reader navigate pages of information without feeling overwhelmed by content. Administrators and educators browsing the catalog can quickly and easily find the information and products they need to purchase for their districts.

An example of clean design can be found in our campaign for McGraw-Hill Education’s Advanced Placement Catalog. The concept for the catalog focused on the word “Advance” and highlight how a student’s individual talents can be pushed to the next level when given the right direction.


MHE WONDERS: Personalizing The Story Helps Learning Seem Accessible

When approaching a campaign strategy for a new product, our team always takes into consideration the challenges and struggles that students and educators may face while interacting with the curriculum. With educational programs that are more advanced or challenging for learners to digest – simple and welcoming creative executions can help give students a sense of confidence and empowerment.

In one project, we promoted the companion to McGraw-Hill Education’s Reading Wonders Curriculum. Wonders for English Learners is designed to guide English learners on their path to mastering English language concepts. We knew that the program might seem daunting to students. So, when we approached a visual strategy for the project we utilized cheerful critter illustrations that lead users through the course, vibrant photography, and a light flare pattern to helps encapsulates the idea of wonder. This creative execution helped achieve our goal of positioning Wonders for English Learners as a friendly guide and resource to help student reach grade-level targets in the core curriculum.

Why design for education? It’s simple—we believe in its purpose and mission of growing the next generation of leaders for our communities. And through our strategy, design, and marketing guidance, we are proud to have helped some of the leading brands in the field assist educators in empowering their students to grow and reach new heights.