Mar 13, 2020


At Origo Branding Company, like many of us in our community, we are saddened by the new pandemic facing our families, friends, employees, and partners. That said, we have been proactive in preparing for the new concerns that have been introduced by the coronavirus.

Over the last few weeks, we have prepared our business to implement not only the highest levels of precautions and protocols to keep  our team both safe and healthy, but also to continue to conduct business at a high-level of efficiency. We have optimized our technologies and processes to ensure communication and collaboration can be maintained as new developments continue to evolve on a daily basis.

For a bit of background, here is an outline of what we have been doing to not only ensure the health and strength of our business, but also to create new opportunities for our clients as they face the challenges of conferences and events being canceled. Below are the proactive steps we have been taking and that we urge our partners to consider for the near future. We’re happy to provide guidance and support.

Safety Protocols

  • We have conducted numerous company meetings to outline how to reduce the risk of contracting (or spreading) coronavirus, helping us ensure that we remain healthy and keep others safe in this time.
  • This has included a number of discussions and demonstrations with our team around (1) keeping a sanitary work environment, (2) proper methods of continuous and proper washing of hands, and (3) other safety practices, such as maintaining proper distances when communicating with others. This includes outlining new ways to greet others, outside of the normal shaking of hands.
  • We are also offering  to work with our clients via phone and web conferencing services, including GoToMeeting, WebEx, Skype For Business, and other software platforms, in case there is a greater level of comfortability in conducting meetings in a virtual environment. This has been an easy transition for our team, as we are accustomed to collaborating remotely with many of our out-of-state clients.

Working Remote

  • From a leadership perspective, our employees’ health is an important priority for our company. In preparation for working remotely, we have  enhanced our communication and collaboration tools to allow us to continue to operate at a high level, even if not in the same physical space.
  • This will allow for no disruptions in our process or operations, as wen are organized and prepared to meet our clients’ needs.
  • We have updated our VPN (Virtual Private Network), allowing us to securely and safely share files, advancing our collaboration efforts.
  • To help test these efforts, we have conducted trial runs and other exercises, making sure we are prepared. We have also worked with each employee to ensure they have the equipment and software they need to operate independently if necessary.

Canceled Conferences & A New Marketing Landscape

  • In addition to keeping our employees and business healthy, we are also helping our clients navigate a new marketing landscape, with conferences and trade shows being canceled each day.
  • As many of us know, this is a main source for companies to build awareness and exposure to key stakeholders when launching new product innovations, awareness campaigns, and other brand efforts.
  • With these event cancellations, Origo has developed a number of strategies that are helping organizations and companies continue to advance the way they communicate, allowing them to achieve their marketing objectives through new “virtual conference” tactics.
  • For more information on how we can help your company or organization continue its communication efforts during this period of cancellations, please contact us. We can help provide a guideline of tools and tactics that other partners are leveraging to continue connecting with their target audiences.

This is not an easy time for any of us, but it is important that we work together to make sure our colleagues, partners, and community is staying safe, healthy, and furthermore, staying productive in this new landscape. Please contact VP Accounts Director, Alessandro Ciaffoncini, at if you have any questions about the protocols, strategies, or technologies that we have implemented to prepare us for the future, as well as if you want to discuss how your organization can continue to achieve its business objectives in a new, virtual frontier.