Mar 24, 2020

In Vol. 1 of our blog series, we addressed the challenges companies are facing as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, and shared some of the ways that we are already helping marketers adapt to a time when more and more conferences and trade shows are being cancelled.

To help further spread that message to both current and potential partners, Origo developed an animated video that quickly and concisely walks through some of the innovative tactics and solutions we offer to help our clients engage their customers and stakeholders through virtual conference experiences.

The video, produced using our in-house animation capabilities, not only provides an engaging way to spread our message, but also serves as a demonstration of the quality of work that we’re ready to provide our partners – at a quick and efficient pace.

As we all strive to remain safe and healthy by working remotely, it is critical we evolve to a business model that can thrive without the benefit of trade shows and conferences. Even during these challenges, Origo is ready to be your partner to help your team continue to achieve your marketing and communication goals.

Contact us to learn more about crafting a plan that fits your organization’s upcoming marketing objectives.