Mar 16, 2020

As companies face new challenges with the coronavirus, the greatest concern is keeping our employees and communities safe by implementing measures and protocols to prevent exposing ourselves and others to the virus. This includes conducting demonstrations for our team around how to properly wash hands, keep a health-conscious work environment, and prepare to continue operations when working remotely.

Though, marketers are facing different kinds of challenges, as we enter a new landscape where conferences and trade shows continue to be cancelled. These are normally major opportunities for B2B brands and other organizations to launch new products and initiatives to their stakeholders. That’s why we need to look to new tactics and innovative solutions to replace the engagement and awareness that these events generate.

In this series, Origo is sharing some ways we are helping partners in re-inventing the way they would normally capitalize on these efforts by implementing new, virtual conference tactics. Below are five methods we can help you implement in this new business landscape:

Virtual Conference Microsite

  • With new product innovations and awareness campaigns set to be launched at upcoming conferences, we can help develop a branded microsite environment that will act as a hub for explainer videos, digital marketing brochures, and interactive tools – creating a virtual conference experience to help communicate to outside audiences.
  • This would be implemented with password-protected software – enticing audiences to inquire about access, increasing lead generation, and allowing your team to manage who has access.
  • This is an innovative way that you can still launch new messages and innovations coming from your organization, allowing you to do so as we continue to operate in more remote work environments.

Explainer Videos

  • If your representatives can’t be there in person, video is a great tool to create pre-recorded webinars to launch new innovations and announcements of your organization, demonstrating advancements in your products and services.
  • Origo has done this by utilizing our in-house animation capabilities, as well as video production expertise, to create effective and engaging online presentations, helping to entice interest and generate leads.
  • These tools can be utilized in a password-protected website experience (or virtual conference space), as well as in your email and selling efforts, helping to continue to build excitement around new messages from your brand when you are unable to do so in a conference setting.

Live Webinars & Event Calendars

  • The virtual conference microsite can also host a calendar where you can schedule webinars for your reps to walk through presentations, hold customer meetings to answer questions, and offer an interactive experience.
  • This can be done by utilizing whatever web conferencing service you are currently using. Or, Origo can provide recommendations to other platforms that may help.

Email Campaigns

  • Without the opportunity to meet face-to-face with customers and stakeholders, email campaigns can help promote your new messaging and announcements, or drive audiences to the microsite to learn more. They can inquire about access and connect with representatives from your team, who can then use the virtual conference space to guide potential customers through new initiatives from your brand.

Social Media Campaigns

  • By leveraging social media campaigns, we can also market these new virtual conference offerings, positioning your organization as a digital-forward brand, utilizing new methods to connect with your audiences by helping to offer ways to replace opportunities for education and awareness in new, digital formats.

As we continue to be agile with the changing environment of business without the value of trade shows and conferences, Origo can be your partner in continuing to achieve your marketing efforts by providing new tools and communication tactics to help advance your mission and achieve your intended results.

Contact us to learn more about these opportunities and how we can craft a plan that fits your specific organization’s upcoming marketing objectives.