Aug 19, 2020

From the very beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Buckeye State united behind the governor’s words “We’re in this together, Ohio.” Not only did those words inspire Ohioans to stay strong, but they also shaped the communication campaign efforts of the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS) and Origo Branding, as we collaborated to help advance the economic recovery efforts of the state from the damage created and jobs lost by the pandemic.

Recognizing Origo’s experience and expertise in developing successful public awareness campaigns for state, regional, and national initiatives, ODJFS partnered with Origo to quickly and effectively share essential information to all Ohioans, crafting a campaign through different research exercises that led to the development of creative assets and planning for media tactics that would help spread our message. While the campaign began with the goal of communicating new unemployment benefits and enhanced eligibility, we quickly transitioned into an economic recovery campaign designed to connect job seekers with employers who were hiring, leveraging online resources and other statewide programs.

Empowering job seekers and employers

As the COVID-19 crisis evolved, the state’s stay-at-home order was lifted in May to help Ohio safely get back up and running again. To support the governor’s Responsible RestartOhio plan, ODJFS and Origo created a positive PSA video that helped empower job seekers, connecting them with new opportunities and career resources offered by the state. Similar design and messaging were applied to digital display ads and paid social campaigns, creating a cohesive initiative that reached across Origo’s diverse media mix of both digital and traditional tactics, including placement on Cable TV networks to connect with a  diverse range of demographics.

Helping Ohioans connect to what’s next

Once Ohio tackled its initial reopening, more people looked to return to work or seek new opportunities. To help these individuals, Origo launched the next phase of the economic recovery campaign in August.

In our new communication strategies, we are currently helping ODJFS promote and the OhioMeansJobs Career and Employment Centers, both of which offer free support and consultation in one’s job search, as well as other career exploration services for job seekers. Through our messaging and campaign tactics, our goal is to also elevate the hiring support and candidate screening that these state resources can provide to employers.

Drawing on the established look and feel of the first wave of the economic recovery campaign, the summer media efforts feature an animated video PSA positioning as the premier online resource to help job seekers and employers “connect to what’s next.” Digital and social ads also drive to the site.

Soon, a PSA and online ads promoting the expert services of the OhioMeansJobs Career and Employment Centers will be released. These tactics spotlight the career support and candidate screening services expert teams offer for free at centers located throughout the state, prompting people to find a center near them using the interactive map on

Exceeding expectations

For the initial economic recovery campaign launch, Origo’s strategists and media planner crafted a two-month media plan featuring a diverse mix of tactics, including paid social media, digital display ads, pre-roll video, connected TV, and Spectrum Cable ads. The plan made the most of ODJFS’s budget and ensured their message reached Ohioans searching for work or employees. This first phase of the economic recovery campaign exceeded all estimated metrics, generating more than 13,450,000 total impressions.

The recently released OhioMeansJobs tactics of phase two of the economic recovery initiative use the same successful mix and placement of tactics outlined in the original media plan. Origo is closely monitoring performance to make adjustments that optimize reach and engagement throughout the campaign.

Trusting in partnership

Together, Origo and ODJFS created a campaign to support Ohioans in their search for new jobs and new employees, helping our state move forward during these uncertain times. As an agency committed to delivering creative strategies and work that make a difference, we’re honored to be trusted by the State of Ohio to carry out such a vital public awareness campaign.

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