Aug 24, 2021

August was a significant month for the optical industry, as it was #NationalEyeExamMonth, a time to prioritize healthy sight and encourage annual visits to the optometrist. Origo has a special affinity for the eye care industry, thanks to our longstanding partnership with independent eye care distributor ABB Optical Group.

We first partnered with ABB in 2019, a critical time in the optical industry when conditions were rapidly changing due to online purchasing and direct-to-patient shipping. In addition to navigating market turbulence, ABB needed to broaden its appeal to eye care professionals (ECPs), many of whom were unaware of all the offerings ABB Optical Group provides beyond product distribution.

Looking to meet these challenges head-on, ABB asked Origo to help them re-envision a new brand story that would highlight ABB’s relevance and reputation in 2021. Together, we developed the “Push Your Vision Forward” brand strategy to connect with ABB’s customers and position them as dedicated business partners. 

We wanted to highlight a few aspects of the project we feel particularly proud of as a team. That includes work for ABB Labs, a dry eye portfolio, and internal sales team messaging.

Customized Solutions, Simplified Process

The ABB Labs division provides ECPs with superior products for their patients, including digitally customized lenses, anti-reflective coating, and proprietary products. Unlike its competitors, ABB Labs works hard to remain brand-neutral and focused on providing the best products and care possible. However, that message wasn’t clear to ECPs.

To help shift that perception, ABB wanted to generate a modern and user-friendly product catalog that generates greater awareness, revenue, and engagement from current or potential Labs customers. Under the overarching concept of the “Push Your Vision Forward,” our team created an online catalog that creatively highlights the ABB advantage and showcases the varying products they offer in a streamlined, digital offering. 

We built the catalog on the pillars of choice, convenience, quality, and reduced costs — all benefits that are woven tightly into the makeup of ABB. At the end of the catalog’s expansive product offerings, we incorporated an easy way to place product orders online, increasing awareness of ABB’s convenient ordering and tracking system, a common desire among ECPs who want to remain competitive with online retailers.

Providing Relief and Maximizing Retention

Dry eye is a common disease that causes redness, itching, and irritation — and makes it extremely hard to wear contact lenses. In fact, 50% of contact lens wearers drop out due to discomfort. At the end of the day, that means a lost revenue opportunity for ECPs.

But ABB provides a wide range of dry eye solutions that can help this treatable condition and provide a new revenue stream for eye care practices in the process. The only problem was that ECPs didn’t know about this offering, and many were sending patients outside of their office to treat the condition, resulting in lost business.

Origo worked with ABB to create a cohesive and creative strategy for showcasing ABB’s Dry Eye Portfolio, which provides products and services that increase in-practice sakes and direct shipping to patients.

After presenting ABB with conceptual directions for the portfolio, ABB chose “Providing Relief and Maximizing Retention.” This concept focuses on relief for patients and highlights the importance ABB places on great service and care. Out of that concept, we developed multiple digital, social, print ads, and even a mission video

Streamlining Internal Messaging

A common obstacle Origo has helped many organizations overcome is a lack of clarity and mixed messaging of their brand’s benefits and values. This problem is especially common for internal sales teams, including ABB’s.

The ABB sales team needed to invigorate their messaging and provide clarity in their products and service to do more business with ECPs. Origo created an experience on Ceros to tell this story in a fresh, engaging, and modern way. Ceros is a cloud-based, experiential content creation platform that was already being used separately by a number of ABB’s business divisions. 

The Ceros experience we created brings all of ABB’s offerings together at one destination and clearly defines how the company can help ECPs safeguard their practice and stay competitive. A major development in this experience was highlighting the ABB Patient Ordering Platform, an online hub to place orders in-practice after a diagnosis, process patients’ payments, ship directly to them, and let them easily reorder at home. This was a critical messaging point that was needed for the sales team.

The site’s concise and intuitive design brings ABB into the future and positions them as a leader in the eye care industry. All of this helps the internal sales team find clear benefits to highlight when selling their services to various ECPs.

Pushing Forward, Together

Over the past year, our partnership with ABB has enhanced their customer experience, provided service and product clarity for their ECPs, and provided a robust online tool for the sales team. We can’t wait to see what we create together in the future.


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