Aug 31, 2022

Creating Awareness In Our State

The overdose epidemic in our nation impacts all of us. And with the epidemic continuing to spread in Ohio, overdoses are an all too common occurrence in big and small communities across the state. More Ohioans die from accidental drug overdoses than from car wrecks. Each overdose affects family, loved ones, friends, and coworkers, creating a ripple effect across the community. 

A Day Of Remembrance

To address this epidemic, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine and the state legislature designated August 31st as Ohio Overdose Awareness Day. First commemorated in 2021, the day is set aside to remember lost loved ones and take action to prevent more overdoses. 

Origo Branding Company supports that mission wholeheartedly, and have worked on related projects in the past, such as our OH Against OD campaign to prevent drug overdoses. So when we were approached by the Ohio Department of Health to help spread the word about Overdose Awareness Day, we created a marketing strategy and community toolkit that lifts up the people who are impacted by overdoses, as well as encourages all Ohioans to commemorate this important day. 

A Message of Togetherness

Even as overdoses are common in Ohio, the people affected by them are too often overlooked. Overdoses can commonly be seen as someone else’s problem or a result of individual moral failings, rather than an issue or condition that the entire Ohio community faces together. To combat those views in support of Ohio Overdose Awareness Day’s mission, Origo crafted a message that emphasizes the universal impact of overdoses: “Overdoses Impact Us All.” That message was designed to reach a diverse audience and portray the human impact of each tragedy our state faces.

Emphasizing Remembrance

One of the main goals of Overdose Awareness Day is to offer space to remember lost loved ones. In support of that goal, Origo created an artistic approach that draws on the common humanity we all share by using prominent, striking portraits of people affected by overdoses. The portraits were placed against an illustrated purple background, with a wordmark that encourages every Ohioan to take August 31st as a day to both remember those they’ve lost and take action. 

Community Power

To spread the word about Overdose Awareness Day, Origo assembled a set of creative assets into a toolkit that community organizations across the state can use. In the hopes of spreading the word as widely as possible, the toolkit includes posters, fliers, digital advertisements, a video, and other assets that are free for organizations or everyday Ohioans to use on their social media accounts or in-person. 

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