As a Motion Graphics Designer at Origo Branding Company, your main role is to work directly with the Creative Director and our team of talented Art Directors, Graphic Designers, Copywriters, and Strategists to develop 2D animation and motion graphics for explainer videos, PSAs, online content, social media tactics, and large-scale TV advertisements for a variety of projects, industries, and clients, fulfilling the communication objectives of each initiative with creative and strategic expertise.

Company Overview

For over 35 years, Origo Branding Company has been one of Central Ohio’s top creative and communications agencies, serving organizations within the nonprofit space, government, and Fortune 500 brands. Experiencing incredible growth in recent years, our goal is to continue to work with brands that advance the greater good of communities and populations in need, as well as foster a work environment that is inspiring, team-oriented, uplifting, and passionate about creating exceptional work. We provide exceptional benefits for our team, with flexible hybrid working schedules that include working from home, as well as in-office for collaborative creative sessions.

Key Responsibilities

  • Motion Graphics & Animation: Create animation for a diverse range of styles and types of video content, including online videos, TV campaigns, and social media content.
  • Conceptual Strategy: Collaborate with the Creative Team to create conceptual directions, storyboards, and style frames for a diverse range of projects, industries, and brands, delivering creative ideas and approaches for storytelling to help fulfill the goals of our clients.
  • Storyboarding & Mockups: Collaborate with the Creative Team to create effective style frames, storyboards and motion mock-ups to communicate our animation approach to the client when presenting ideas and strategies for their project.
  • Production: Conduct production and revisions outlined by the client, achieving strategic objectives and goals through the final delivery of files and assets to their respective channels of media.
  • Client Meetings: Attend client meetings to help guide the client through the animation approach proposed by you and the Creative Team.
  • Coordination: Organize and manage content, assets, and objectives for internal and external projects, managing your internal deadlines and deliverables set by the Creative Director and Account Manager for a given project.

Recommended Skills, Experience, and Abilities

  • Experience with AfterEffects, Premiere, Adobe Creative Suite.
  • Experience managing and prioritizing multiple projects and clients.
  • Comfortable working in fast paced agency environment.
  • Ability to work in a flexible hybrid working schedule, combining days that you work from home, as well as days that you work in-office for collaborative creative sessions.
  • Talent, drive and ability to work independently and in team settings.
  • Ability to develop own ideas, take initiative and assume responsibility.
  • Passion for animation and motion graphics, as well as demonstrating the ability to collaborate with others on your team.
  • Team player who is committed to their career, clients and co-workers.
  • Experience with 3D motion design and/or video editing software is nice to have (ex. Cinema4D), but not required.


We provide a variety of benefits that support our employees in many different ways. We offer a compensation package that includes competitive pay, generous PTO, and health, dental, and vision insurance.

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