This is your chance to Make A Difference. For over 35 years, Origo Branding Company has been focused on helping organizations and companies across the country make a difference for their clients and community. Our creative and strategic work with Fortune 500 brands, nonprofits, and purpose-driven organizations has helped advance their mission and grow their impact among populations near and far. And it’s also won some impressive awards along the way.

As part of the fast-growing team at Origo Branding Company, you can expect to work in an environment that is inspiring, collaborative, positive, and passionate about creating great work that creates positive change in our world. To help you be your best, we provide exceptional benefits and a flexible, hybrid schedule that includes working from home, as well as in the office for collaborative creative sessions.

As Senior Art Director, your main role will be to work with the Creative Director, leading the creative and production process for Origo’s design team, upholding Origo Branding Company’s long-standing history of developing creative solutions for a wide array of clients, industries, and projects.

  • Lead and develop the design, layout, and concept strategy for clients and projects.
  • Manage, motivate, and mentor the creative team.
  • Ensure the creative team is meeting project objectives.
  • Carry out goals for the creative team and the agency with the Creative Director.

Job Description

  • Concepting & Creative Strategy: Develop conceptual directions and design strategy for campaigns and projects in a diverse range of industries.
  • Art Direction: Manage a team of designers with a variety of projects and clients, as well as work hand-in-hand with the accounts team to uphold all client objectives, deadlines, and budgets for the project scope.
  • Production & Coordination: Oversee the production process, working with the design team and external vendors, ensuring files and assets are being delivered and deployed with the correct format, specifications, and requirements. This could also include the organization and management of contents and assets.
  • Presentation Prep & Participation: Lead and/or prepare presentations, as well as attend client meetings to deliver ideas on design and conceptual strategies.
  • Creative Culture & Team Leadership: Uphold the brand culture, voice, and professionalism Origo promotes to all of its employees, clients, and partners, demonstrating an ability to contribute to a creative, inspiring, and positive environment for your colleagues and leadership.
  • Communications: Communicate effectively in person and via phone and email to coordinate creative aspects of projects with the accounts and creative team, keeping yourself and team members informed on the progress of project objectives, as well as managing expectations of colleagues, clients, and leadership.
  • Mentoring: Mentor and grow other members of the creative team, ensuring that all associates feel supported and valued, and have the opportunity to grow their skillsets and contribute in new ways to Origo.
  • Leadership: Maintain positive relationships and attitude in a fast-moving environment. Lead with an awareness of expectations and successful delivery.

Required Skills, Experience, and Abilities

  • Strong experience in conceptual thinking, art direction and design programs
  • Ability to effectively communicate design strategy to enable the creative team to successfully deliver on project objectives
  • Ability to manage multiple projects and clients
  • Excellent communication skills, including presentation capabilities
  • Talent, drive and ability to work independently and in team settings
  • Ability to develop own ideas, take initiative and assume responsibility
  • Passion for collaboration; intellectual curiosity
  • Team player who is committed to their career, clients and co-workers


Origo offers a compensation package that includes competitive pay, generous PTO, and health, dental, and vision insurance.

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