To help ABB Optical Group enter into the next chapter of growth, Origo created a new brand strategy to help further their position as a leading partner to eye care professionals, not only through optimal contact lens distribution, but through innovative business solutions and services.


  • A leading supplier of name-brand contact lenses, ABB Optical Group partnered with Origo to launch a new brand strategy for their organization to better advance the way they communicate with their different audiences, specifically independent eye care professionals (IECPs).
  • Supplied with only a new logo identity, Origo utilized existing research to create a new brand launch campaign that positioned ABB Optical Group as a leading contact lens distributor for their partners, plus a leading partner in business solutions, technologies, and overall support to help IECPs advance their operation and patient satisfaction.
  • After testing the brand concepts, Origo created a final recommendation for the company’s new tagline Putting Your Future in Focus, which helped generate awareness around the business solutions and support services of ABB’s new organizational structure that includes ABB Contact Lens, ABB Labs, and ABB Business Solutions.
  • To help guide the development of future materials, Origo developed a brand map and positioning statements to define the guiding principles and messaging strategies that determine how the eye care community will perceive the brand.


  • Upon finalizing their new brand strategy, Origo created a mission video to tell their new story, as well as a video to outline the value of their distribution channels and business solutions. We also developed sub-videos for the business divisions of ABB, traveling to their different lab and distribution facilities across the nation to create new visual marketing tools to demonstrate the value proposition of each segment. Custom photography was also captured during these shoots to create authenticity for the brand.
  • Origo then utilized the new brand strategy to develop a new website experience, as well as sub-campaigns and sales tools for their different products, services, and divisions, helping their sales force create a major launch at the Vision Expo West Conference in Las Vegas, where ABB’s new chapter of growth was showcased through a 20′ x 60′ booth with different graphics, messaging, and strategies created by Origo.


  • Research & Analysis
  • Brand Strategy
  • Concept Testing
  • Content & Messaging Strategy
  • Campaign Strategy
  • Video Production
  • Communication Strategy
  • Sales Strategy
  • Web Design & Development
  • Conference Strategy
  • Custom Photography

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